‘If Barcelona called me, I will go, it’s my club’ – Pep Guardiola defends Mikel Arteta

Former Barcelona manager and iconic captain Pep Guardiola has told the press that he would go back to Barcelona if they were to give him the call – if he was an assistant.

In the lead up to Arsenal’s clash with Manchester City, Guardiola spoke to the press and was asked about Arteta’s departure from his own coaching staff. Guardiola told MD that he completely understood Arteta’s decision.

“When Arteta was my assistant at City, he celebrated all the goals madly except the ones against Arsenal. He loved Arsenal. It’s like my relationship with Barça. If I were an assistant coach and Barca called me, I will go, it’s my club.”

That could be good news for Atletico Madrid. Highly-rated Arsenal coach Carlos Cuesta made his first steps into coaching with Los Colchoneros, and perhaps they might be able to give him a ring some day.

Guardiola has a contract at City until 2025, and with Xavi Hernandez at the helm, it seems unlikely he would head back to Barcelona in the near future. It remains unlikely he return as manager at all, unless the Blaugrana were in desperate trouble.

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  1. This clown wont come back to barcELona as it would expose him as a fraud – his trophies are solely attributed to messi and everyone knows it.
    12 seasons without CL trophy despite coaching a red hot Bayern who destroyed barcELona year before he came with 7-1 aggregate only to lose 1-4 to Real with him and his braindead coaching decisions.

    Dont even get me started on his failures with City who practically have unlimited funds. Still no CL title.

    Most overrated coach ever. Mourinho won CL with arguably the poorest club in CLs history and this charlatan cant win with richest.

    1. Iam sure your children will never respect you because you can never be just with them. You have the attributes of a Pharaoh and the thinking of a Judas

        1. Ill take your lack of “well thought” out argument as a cry of frustration that you couldnt think of a better one, because lets face it, bald fuque isnt giving you any material to work with.

          Maybe in your world he has achieved something remarkable post messi but in this well….
          Disprove me.

      1. To a limp-wristed mind, stating the facts can be perceived as an act of aggression. I can see why you feel threatened by me merely pointing out his draught thats 12 years long now. Its stuff thats hard to deal with as a fan, lmao.

        Tell you what, go grab your teddybear and process it out in your safespace.

        Naturally, you will still need to work out the fact he hasnt achieved anything remarkable since he left mess.. barcELona, but ill leave that between you and your shrink.

        1. You migth not like him but calling him a fraud exposes your lack of understanging of the game. He dominated Laliga, went to Germany and englabd and did the same….bring on learned arguments please.

          1. You might not be the sharpest tool in drawer but you forget to write the part that he took on Bayern that was already a machine and got unlimited funds in City.
            He is supposed to win with that kind of material.
            But lost on the ultimate price mainly thanks to his coaching decisions.

    2. I think your opinions are welcome but even if you dislike Pep, it’s absolutely wrong with how you have described him., with what he has done.
      My opinion thou

      1. There is a factual aspect to the argumentation which people may not like but they cannot disprove it.
        Then there is the emotional which I dont care about and is mainly making those that reply pathetic in their frustration.

    3. If u think success is only on trophy. For the football, he is a great and one of the best trainer. Every league evolved faster when he was there. Premier League is a level ahead of other league in general. Cup game and league is different. CL trophy is not everything

      1. No, success is to invest billions and get a minimal yield out of it. Sport is moral victories and regurgitating medias opinions, duh.

        What you call great coach is also disproved by the way he was eliminated last year.

        You see, if he just played the same way he did against Real in England he would have eliminated us. But instead he po.ped his pants and made defensive changes and played not to lose, while Ancelotti made offensive changes and won.
        Dont even get me started on trying to implement useless tikitaka that only worked bc of hgh gnomes brilliance in a team with two of fastest wingers in Robben and Ribery PLUS putting worlds arguably slowest defender on worlds arguably fastest player in Ronaldo.
        Also the way he benched players inexplicably vs. Tottenham when they were yet again eliminated falls down on him.

        He isnt a great coach without messi and its abundantly clear to all people who understand football.

        What english criminaIIy corrupt and useIess media write is not even relevant and youre just repeating what they say. Guess what that makes you?

    4. You migth not like him but calling him a fraud exposes your lack of understanging of the game. He dominated Laliga, went to Germany and englabd and did the same….bring on learned arguments please.

      1. Read what I wrote about his coaching ineptitude.
        I have pulled so many pants down already that my thumbs are sore and you frankly dont seem worth the effort.

        My answer to Dex destroys you without even trying, so do yourself a favor in real life and argue with someone below your capacity, people are laughing at you, not with you.

        1. By the way, surely you mean PSG and not City?

          Wouldnt want to come off as a football illiterate (more than you already are) or something?

  2. Iam sure your children will never respect you because you can never be just with them. You have the attributes of a Pharaoh and the thinking of a Judas

    1. To a limp wristed mind, citing facts can be perceived as an act of aggression.

      Its ok bud, grab a teddy bear in your safespace and it will all feel better.

      Naturally, you will still have to deal with fact that he hasnt won anyrhing remarkable with 1,5 BILLION investment post messi but thats something youll have to work out with your shrink.

  3. You guys should go and look up a certain Brian Clough. No prima doners in his team but a team who gave their manager 100%. No fancy backers to splurge £s on whoever they wanted and against the odds he won the equivalent of the Champions League twice!!

    1. Truth has the best effect on nobody fanboys.

      You would respond with facts if you could but we all know that isnt possible.

  4. Sum ppl wen jst come here & comment rubb**sh.hw cn said pep is nt good as a coach. I dnt blam them.. Wot will they say abt psg wit there studed squard yet they nt won cpl y cnt messi it for them. Since is messi dat win 4 pep

    1. You cant seriously compare messi in his prime to a messi that is 35. In-fkn-credible logic.

      And plays in a team made of mercenaries only looking for a paycheck.

      Really, you cant be this daft. My advice is dont speak and let people believe that youre not d.mb. Opening your mouth just removes those doubts.

      1. You kept waffling on with so much ego without looking at context of things. he was signed at Bayer in January 2014 to officially take over in the summer and boom bayern won the treble before that summer. don’t you think that’s a difficult thing to replicate? you talk about mourinho, well…he didn’t CL with the most expensive assembled team in England and Spain at the times he was there, he also outspend everyone at inter too lol. 32 trophies in 15 seasons of management is no little feat but alas you’re allowed to lie to yourself and keep hating. I know your type, cheers.

        1. Context is clear – Bayern are a superpower team and a piano that plays itself.
          If youre to judge a coachs greatness you look at his decisions in highest tier of football. His decisions came to haunt Bayern and cause them to be hugely humiliated after destroying barcelona 7-1 in their prime year before. Its a huge discrepancy in just two years of time.
          I really dont care about Mourinho so your yapping about him is redundant – were talking about supposedly worlds best coach who has mastered the art of snatching the defeat from jaws of victory in CL competitions 12 years in row now. I only mentioned Mourinho once to prove a point that a good coach doesnt need huge amount of money to win CL but a bad coach will find ways to lose it despite all the huge amounts of money spent. All Citys meltdowns have been largely thanks to his coaching decisions and Ive elaborated in other posts why. Since you read them you should be able to grasp that.

  5. Sum ppl will jst come here & comment rubb**sh.hw cn said pep is nt good as a coach. I dnt blam them.. Wot will they say abt psg wit there studed squard yet they nt won cpl y cnt messi it for them. Since is messi dat win 4 pep

  6. You ain’t a city fan, so you should be happy that pep has not won the champions league. The bitterness with which you criticize pep indicates that the coach is doing something you don’t like. For me, I want pep out of epl because his presence is scaring. Maybe that’s your fear too.

    1. Your name sadly fails to reflect your comments and your general appearance. A cruel joke by your parents, but wildy amusing one.

      It would be more beneficial to have some leverage by the way of providing some figures that disprove what I wrote but its hard to do since there is no denying reality. Lets see..nope, no ultimate prize for “worlds best coach” all I can see is failures and meltdowns.

      The way things seem, I was correct and youre yet another breeze of warm air after an enchilada buffee.

  7. Pep is not a fraud nor is he flat track pony whatever that means in footballing terms.

    He has won numerous PL titles as well FA cups’ Bundesliga titles without the help of Messi thank you very much.

    Same way that Messi has not won cl titles in every year after that Guardiola left Barcelona. His last triumph was in 2015 and let’s not forget his penalty miss for PSG against RM last season that was crucial.

    Annoys me greatly to read such nonsense.

    He is not a tactical coach and when he does it he usually fails but it is far too simplistic to say Ancelotti made attacking substitutions while Pep made defensive ones that is why City lost as hindsight is an s.o.b.

    Ancelotti had to make positive subs as his team was losing at home.

    The referee played his part in the proceedings.

    At Bayern against Atletico Madrid in the semis, it was not his fault that Muller proceeded to miss a penalty that would have made it 3-0 and putting Bayern in the final.

    Yes Bayern beat Barcelona 7-1 on aggregate the season before Pep joined but we should not ignore the fact that Messi was carrying a hamstring injury, Bayern were allowed to commit fouls that they shouldn’t have and a couple of their goals seemed offside.

    Winning the champions league is the ultimate accomplishment in club football but not the only accomplishment and I am not sure which club is the poorest in cl history that Mourinho coached to victory certainly not Inter nor Porto.

    1. By numerous you mean three. Thats amazing yield for 1,5 billion, build together a world all star team for that kind of money and you still cant win CL.
      Yeah money isnt all… but you have supposedly worlds best coach so money + worlds best coach surely is worth more than a couple of EPLs?

      While were on the subject it isnt an achievemet to win EPL anymore which is a two pony race. Why? Well spanish teams are dominating both CL and EL winners lately.

      Ahahah referee played his part? Funny guy. You should work as a comedian. Its however not unusual since baldy also blamed referees after the game, being the professional whiner due to his catalan genetics. Its his get out of jail card.

      Really? Youre forgeting one thing, baldy made his superdefensive changes before Ancelotti, who reacted on his changes by putting on Camavinga and Asensio and schooled him. Also, there is a vast difference in how match was played if you compare two games. City simply were defending the lead. Mahrez scored what 71st minute? It was obvious that players were instructed to be hold on, but you didnt see it because you arent bright enough, arent you? Had they went out with a positive message, guns blazing they would have won. But it takes some cognitive function to see that. I dont blame you.

      Yeah I know, ahaha; my point was exactly that he only could win because of messi. Thanks for proving my point, you were masterfully (if I may say so myself) baited.

      Messi has underachieved in barcELona thanks to their inner struggles, it had nothing with guardiola to do. He still managed to win 2015 so your argument falls flat considering that baldy hasnt won a single one since he left 12 years ago. Dont look at Real and think winning CL is easy, winning one CL is a big deal, so you kind of shot yourself in the foot with your own argument. Well done.

      No I am talking about RM Bayern tie, Cristiano doesnt play for Atletico lmao. He put Dante on marking Ronaldo and rest is well… history. He also let an approved anti-counterattacking expert in Javi Martinez sit on bench and was torn apart by counterattacking goals as Ron ran laps around Dante.

      Is it a coincidence that Bayern won CL right after getting rid of him? Id say not.

      No, what really annoys you is that its true and your second rate conjecture isnt making your case any better.

      “He is not a tactical coach” I applaud your amazing insight, soon ( im 50+ years) you will realize that he is an overrated coach as well.

  8. As a Barca fan, I will always appreciate Pep for what he did for the club. His recent comments however, are a bit disrespectful to Xavi. The club is clearly on the up, and with all the young talent, promises to get even better. Pep had his time; it’s Xavi’s turn now.

  9. I mentioned Atletico as you said Pep didn’t win Cl under him. I was saying that against Atletico if Muller didn’t miss that penalty then they would have been in the final.

    You are going on about the 4-0 defeat to RM at home which I was not talking about.

    If Messi is as great as you are making him out to be then he would have won the cl more times without Pep, Barcelona “inner struggles” or not.

    There were Neymar and Suarez to help win the cl in 2015.

    \first you go the reason Pep won cl is only cos of Messi and then when asked how come Messi has only won 1 without Pep or why Pep has won other titles without Messi you skate around the issue and bluster by throwing out insults that are just typical of you.

    I do not for 1 second think Pep cannot win cl without Messi or Messi is the only reason he won it twice in the past and I do not think Messi needs Pep to win cl either.

    Man City against RM in Madrid, firstly Casemiro should have been sent off, no question about that.

    The game was poor as Madrid did absolutely nothing until Rodrygo scored in the final minutes.

    Over the 2 legs City were by far the superior side and you cannot come here and say it was an Ancelotti masterclass.

    City were unlucky with injuries let us not forget as Walker and Stones had to go off injured which helped RM tremendously.

    Bayern didn’t win the cl right after they let go and they didn’t let go, he left to go to City.

    Ancelotti and Kovac were sacked after Pep after underwhelming performances in the cl.

    Bayern won it during Covid when football was played in surreal surroundings but they did beat Barcelona, Messi and all 8-2 on the way.

    You keep going on and on about money but if you really knew anything about football, you’d know that history counts a lot.

    City have never won a major European cup in their history apart from the cwc in 1970.

    No amount of money can buy you history.

    It is why Liverpool have done well in cl as Shankly and then Paisley paved the way, why RM have 13 cl titles as this is their competition started by the Di Stefano era.

    Juventus have won more scudetti than any Italian team but Milan are more of the European cup team.

    City may win the cl some time soon but they will never be a European superpower no matter how much they spend..

    1. I was talking about the 4-1 defeat (not 4-0 you dont have a clue about football, do you?) in my op and you talk about Atletico? Its common sense to adress my points but common sense is something you evidently seem to lack.

      But messi won a CL without guardiola and guardiola didnt win a CL without messi. I know that youre dense but the argument ends there for normal people. Its clear that guardiola won his CLs thanks to messi and that was point I was trying to make and you even confirmed it when I baited you into admitting that his huge loss came because of messi not being able to perform.

      Same Ancelotti that schooled guardiola in CL last year? Are we talking about that Ancelotti? Or maybe some other Ancelotti? He won a CL without Ronaldo. Did baldy win one without messi? No? Lol.

      “City were unlucky with injuries” weak argument. All teams have injuries. Alba was injured for us and we had to play Nacho. A vital player, look at RM now leaking goals without him.

      Casemiro should have been sent off? Well how about Laporte shoving his hand in Modrics face and then pretending he is hurt? Its a red card offence. You dont think people watch football? Referees and City should never been mentioned in same sentence, Tierney and Kavanagh gifted them PL vs Everton lmaooo. Bottom line City should have scored 10 goals over 2 legs, if they were instructed “more of same” in second leg, in first game they missed so many chances.

      No I never said it was Ancelottis masterclass he merely exploited baldys ineptitude. Dont put words in my mouth because you lack arguments, strawman argumentation is patheticaIIy Iaughable.

      Im not talking about only money. Im talking about money AND worlds supposedly best coach, the wonder of modern time; the creator of almighty tikitaka, whose huge knowledge and coaching prowess should give ANY team a chance to win… not only teams that are cash loaded ans can buy an world all star team – as they have. But we are forgetting one thing, its because of his weird coaching decisions they lost, such as three exapmles mentioned (which you cowardIy refused to adress) as guardiola is a master of snatching defeat from jaws of victory in CL.

      No, no amount of money can buy you history. But ad I already wrote, they were on the precipice of history last year (and this, they would have destroyed Liverpool in final) but guardiola was once again, in their way of greatness. Yes they will win CL sooner or later – depending on how fast they fire him. He doesnt have the mentaI fortitude to win a CL as he folds like a tin can under pressure.

      1. Dude you are the stupid one. You accuse people of not understanding English when it is clear you are using google translate as your grasp of English grammar is appalling.

        Not just that you just talk rubbish.

        Hey stupid ass you didn’t bait me into saying Pep cannot win cl without Messi because when I mentioned Messi was unfit when Bayern beat Barcelona, Tito Villanova was the manager not Pep, you jackass.

        The rest of your post is just rubbish so no need for me to reply

        1. Hahah you clearly are intellectually challenged. However fella, this isnt special ed like back in days where people will agree with you all the time in real life, your nonsense can and will go challenged.
          Since you wrote so much incoherent blather and outright faulties I had to check if you were a bot or something. At least you passed that test, youre marginally smarter than a program.

          If thats that the only thing you can adress from the exchange, I can conclude that youre a football illiterate and I disproved you at all other arguments.

          I accept your capitulation conclude that youre a coward who backs off with his tail between his legs when beaten and advice you to take something from this exchange, argue with people on your level only. Dont argue with people who follow football – you just were outfacted, outargued and outproven.

          1. Lets see

            You claimed that Madrid har preferential treatment – disproven by Laportes slap of Modrics face fact. At same time, you were counter claimed that refs Kavanagh and Tiernan gave them league vs Everton (if you followed football youd know it) but no response. I know. Its hard to be proven wrong.

            For me the argumentation was over when you claimed that he won numerous PL titles. Now Im just toying with you and destroying your credibility. I get a kick out of making you look d.mb.
            Ypu claimed that he won numerous PL titles. Not so numerous, are they. Put that in context of investment and his world all star team and it becomes even more ridiculous.

            You used the argument that messi had problems with winning CL without baldy which you comically disproved yourself. He won without him and baldy never won one without messi. Lol.

            You somehow refute that loss in Madrid last year didnt fall down to his decisions and defensive substitutions. Also pretty laughable considering that he: a. Told players to defend the lead b. Subbed ultradefensively after 1-0 to preserve lead. Scoring another one would have closed the game up, but that never crossed your mind. Clown.

            You yapped about injuries, RM also had key player injuries. Laughable.

            You mentioned that Bayern sacked Ancelotti. Same Ancelotti who schooled baldy last year? Same Bayern who won CL right after baldy packed? At least he won one without CR. Did baldy win one without messi? Unsurprisingly, no answer. I dont blame you.

            You failed to adress baldys brainfar.s which caused his extremely rich club that taps up all prospects to bow out from CL and somehow fail to put that into perspective of him being “worlds best coach” as media claim? Dante marking CR. Really? Tikitaka in a club with Robben and Ribery? Haha. You also fail to realize that his mistakes are directly responsible for results. Its ok, you need some intelligence to extrapolate older results shortcomings on later ones.

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