‘A diabolical demonic conspiracy’ – Dani Alves’ brother rails against accusations

The Dani Alves case has rumbled on this week, with numerous details of the case leaking out to the media, which can only have made the situation more stressful for those involved.

Alves maintains he is innocent in the face of accusations that he sexually assaulted a woman on the 30th of December in Barcelona, despite changing his version of events three times.

Multiple witnesses have emerged, as has medical evidence that backs up the accusations, however both Alves and his family claim he is innocent. The Brazilian’s ex-wife Dana Dinorah has also claimed that he ‘would never ever ever’ do something of the sort.

His brother, Ney Alves, is the latest to leap to his defence. Speaking on Brazilian television, he called the entire thing a conspiracy.

“My brother fell into a trap. My family is not going to give up. My brother has a spotless career all over the world and this mess he’s been put in is sinking his career.”

“We will definitely do everything we can to get my brother out of this demonic, diabolical scheme you put him in.”

Marca carried his comments, where Ney Alves went on to detail the hurt it had caused him and his family.

“We are suffering a lot with all this. We are in a game of chess.”

“Dani Alves fell into a trap, he is not going to give up, he has an impeccable career and is the victim of a demonic-diabolical conspiracy.”

Certainly it is no surprise that Alves’ family are defending him, but to call it a conspiracy is a highly charged accusation. It would lead to questions of whom was behind it and what they would gain from such a situation.

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