Second witness emerges in Dani Alves case as evidence mounts

The sexual assault case at which Dani Alves is at the centre of continues to spiral.

Previously to his arrest, Alves had maintained total innocence, declaring that he did not know the woman in question. However contradicting evidence (CCTV footage) forced him to change his testimony on multiple occasions.

According to La Vanguardia (via Marca), a second witness has also emerged corroborating the events of the 30th of December. The incident allegedly took place in the bathroom of Barcelona nightclub Sutton, and a second witness has come forward to say that Alves was there on that evening, and that he also made advances towards her, with a violent air about him.

This is the latest in what appears to be several pieces of evidence against him. This raises serious questions about the justice system, with a remarkable amount of what should be confidential evidence being leaked throughout the press.

If the case at some point were to involve a jury, then it would be near-impossible to find jurors who had not been influenced to a greater or lesser extent by the media storm surrounding the case, and all of the details that have so far emerged. Equally, it threatens the safety of those involved, with Alves being moved to a different prison for security reasons.

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