Gruesome details continue to emerge surrounding Dani Alves sexual assault case

Content warning: Those sensitive to issues surrounding rape and sexual assault may find the following highly distressing.

The football world has been shocked by the news of Dani Alves’ arrest, under suspicion of sexual assault. As more information comes to light, the situation paints an increasingly grim picture.

The Brazilian defender was at a nightclub in Barcelona on the 30th of December 2022, and was accused of sexual assault the same night by a younger woman. After elevating the matter to the police, an investigation was opened into the matter.

Alves initially denied all of the allegations, claiming he did not know the woman in question, but as further information emerged, including CCTV footage of him with the woman, his story has been altered on several occasions. On Friday he attended the police station voluntarily ahead of his arrest, after which he has been taken into custody without bail.

Details of the case continue to leak, with the woman allegedly presenting a broken dress and injuries consistent with a struggle. Alves tried to force the woman into oral sex, and then after she refused, put his hand under her clothes without consent, according to Sport.

“I didn’t know what was behind that door, I thought there would be another VIP area. I resisted but he was much stronger than me,” recounted her statement.

While ultimately it is impossible to know all the facts, and it is matter for the justice department to pass judgement on, the details leaking out are of highly distressing nature.

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