Official Real Madrid account takes shot at Pepe Reina on Twitter

Real Madrid were feeling themselves last night after they pulled off another heroic comeback against Villarreal on Thursday night, overcoming a 2-0 deficit in order to make it to the Copa del Rey quarter-finals. They showed as much with their activity on social media.

During the match, there was plenty of fire between the two teams. At one point Aissa Mandi and Vinicius Junior got into a tangle with each other, the ensuing melee ended in a shouting match between Pepe Reina, Villarreal’s reserve ‘keeper on the night, and Vinicius Junior.

After the match, Real Madrid put out a curious tweet reading ‘Waiter, a comeback please’.

It is thought to be a reference to Reina, who after Spain won the Euros in 2008 celebrated with the ‘Camarero song’. Seemingly there is no love lost between the two parties.

After the match, Carlo Ancelotti played that tension down, as per Diario AS, but it appears the Brazilian has another personal battle with a bit of edge to it, to add to his burgeoning list.

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