The jar of jam that convinced Shakira to split up with Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique has never been one to fly under the radar. He could scarcely have found a less famous person to be his partner and the mother of his children in Shakira, and their subsequent break-up could scarcely have been more public.

The pair have been taking shots at each other in public for some time, reaching its peak when Shakira’s latest song, where she destroys Gerard Pique and former partner Clara Chia, went global. Currently it is number one on most major streaming services.

The defender responded to jibes about Chia being a Twingo and a Casio by driving the first one and wearing the other.

As per ShowNews Today, there was another clue in Shakira’s ‘Te Felicito’ [I congratulate you] about the disintegration of their relationship. While singing that she found the ‘truth in the fridge’, she opens the fridge door in her music video to find the head of co-artist Rauw Alejandro.

The relevance is that Shakira allegedly discovered Pique’s infidelity via a jam jar in the fridge. The former Barcelona defender does not like jam (Shakira does), but when the Colombian singer came home to find half of her jam gone, she put two and two together to work out that somebody else had been in the house.

The hints in ‘Te Felicito’ might have gone under the radar, but her latest release with Bizarrap shows no such restraint. It appears their separation has some way to run and neither is going to shy away from it. Whether this will affect Pique’s future business moves, or indeed the predicted run at the Barcelona Presidency, remains to be seen.

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