Carlo Ancelotti gives strong response to suggestions of Real Madrid humiliation

Real Madrid are licking their wounds after a 3-1 defeat to Barcelona in the Spanish Supercup, which saw the Blaugrana claim the first title of the season. More concerning for many Real Madrid fans was the manner in which the defeat arrived.

After just two wins in their previous five league games, including two defeats where they were outperformed by Rayo Vallecano and Villarreal, once again Los Blancos were clearly second best in this one.

After the match, Carlo Ancelotti was asked if it was a humiliation. He gave Marca a strong response.

“We gave away [gifts], it started evenly, there wasn’t much rhythm and avoiding gifts is the first thing but we have given them two. We have to improve our physical condition and play as a team. The mistakes have been definitive. We were not successful at the start. Nobody played a good match. Talking about sporting humiliation seems disrespectful to me. They’ve been better, period.”

Ancelotti was keen to emphasize that this was not going to be a decisive moment in the season, rather just part of the usual adversity that comes in a season.

“It’s not a critical moment, it’s a difficult and complicated moment. It usually happens over the course of a season. You know that from the beginning. It can be fixed with the usual commitment and the usual attitude.”

While this performance will not provoke much fear in opponents, the Italian manager did make a rather ominous prediction.

“The team is hurt. A lot, because they usually win the finals. We have all the resources to come back. Real Madrid returns, there’s no doubt about that.”

The scoreline ended up mirroring the La Liga El Clasico result, where Real Madrid had an air of superiority about them for much of the match. Even if the game was close until the 90th minute, at no point did the result feel in danger. This match started off evenly, as Ancelotti said, but more worrying will be the clear gap between the two after Gavi’s opener.

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      1. That alcoholic is happy they just won a trophy in 18 months lmaoo.
        Feel sorry for him instead, because this is what he will have to wake up to every day for the rest of his life:

        0-2 in relegations down to EL
        0-1 in being actually eliminated in EL
        35-26 Liga titles
        4-3 Fifa club world cup
        1-0 voted Club of the century
        100-97 in competitive Clasico victories
        14-5 CL trophies
        11-1 biggest win margin in Clasico, 1943
        6-1 in last 7 competitive Clasicos
        3-1 current Clasico

  1. Barca start again, be strong coach be like man guy is just gavi’s to pedri’s time just like xavi and iniesta history is around the coner

  2. Barca start again, be strong coach be like man guy is just gavi’s to pedri’s time just like xavi and iniesta history is around the coner

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