Barcelona President Joan Laporta comes out with surprise praise for Real Madrid

Barcelona celebrated their victory over rivals Real Madrid with plenty of elation on Sunday night, after they put Los Blancos to the sword in surprising fashion. It brings Xavi Hernandez’s first title as Barcelona manager and allows the Blaugrana to point that to the fact they are going in the right direction. After it all, President Joan Laporta was surprisingly complementary of the opponent he most enjoys winding up as a general rule.

Speaking to Marca after the match, Laporta explained that their opponents were nothing if not gracious.

“Real Madrid have been a worthy rival, they know how to be in victory and defeat and they are very elegant. Florentino has had some nice words with Busquets.”

As the trophy was presented, Perez was seen embracing Busquets and speaking to him at length as the Blaugrana captain went up to collect his trophy.

Perhaps it should not be such a surprise that Barcelona and Real Madrid are so ready to praise each other, given the two institutions grow ever closer with their Superleague project.

Laporta also used the opportunity to vindicate his manager Xavi, who has come under scrutiny of late.

“He has knowledge, personality, a style of playing football that Barça shows and we express ourselves in this way. He is one of the architects of this genuine way of playing football.”

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  1. 18 months 1 trophy, yes…it was worth it cos we humiliated Madrid to get it.
    But do you remember how many years your precious madrid went trophyless during the guardiola era??? Mumu cry cry baby

    1. Yeah Im looking at these stats and seeing nothing but humiliations over and over again.
      Do you even remember era before messi when you were a punching bag for 90 years?
      Here, just for you.
      0-2 in relegations down to EL
      0-1 in being actually eliminated in EL
      35-26 Liga titles
      4-3 Fifa club world cup
      1-0 voted Club of the century
      100-97 in competitive Clasico victories
      14-5 CL trophies
      11-1 biggest win margin in Clasico, 1943
      6-8in last 8 competitive Clasicos

      But we dont even have to look back so much. Five cls in nine years in modern time. Thats sort of a record. Just like yours “being kicked out of EL twice”.

      Good clubs have generally more demanding schedule. Your club of course, knows nothing of that as they hasnt had to bother with that since 2015 due to all classic meltdowns in CL while we went all the way. Its natural to be more tired and vice versa. Yet you still failed EL twice. Haha.

      Just be careful so you dont burn yourself out, that 600mil in sold assets better render in an EL trophy or bankruptcy could be looming lmaooo.

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