“We deserve this title” – Jordi Alba confident ahead of El Clasico Super Cup final

Having not won a trophy in the last 18 months, Barcelona will be desperate to end that stretch on Sunday against Real Madrid in Riyadh.

Thursday’s penalty shoot-out victory against Real Betis was a tense affair, but one that Barca ultimately came through, which has set up a showdown clash with Carlo Ancelotti’s side. Head coach Xavi Hernandez was very disappointed with his players following the match against Betis, and will be hoping for better against their bitter rivals.

Jordi Alba played in Thursday’s match, and is also expected to face Real Madrid. He agreed with his manager’s criticism of the team.

“We have to dominate both defensively and offensively. It is true that we have many opportunities when attacking, and it was shown that when we can play in the opponent’s half, we do really well. We have to watch the cons, we can do better, but I think we are working well.”

Alba is looking forward to Sunday’s final, and is very happy with how things are going under Xavi. The 42-year-old is a club legend from his playing days, and he will be hoping do secure his first trophy as manager. Alba was pull of praise for the coach.

“When he arrived at Barca, people were very excited. He has made history at the club as a player. As a coach, he is doing well but in the end this is about titles, which is everyone’s desire.

“I see the team very united, and I think we deserve this title.”

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  1. Looool.
    You deserve it in same sense I “deserve” to have Kate Upton as my wife.
    Relax, rodent like creature. Youre going home empty handed. Seven last competitive Clasicos: 7-1 Real.

  2. Funny that i think we jordi didn’t come home empty handed afterall and better still he didnt even have to play and still won lmfao 😉

    1. The rat like creature, much like you; enjoyed his first trophy in 18 months.
      I wouldnt make much noise if I were you but then again, you never struck me as someone capable of thinking in more dimensions than one.

      Dont even get me started on rest of trophy stats, lmao (insert juvenile emoji)
      We all know what counts.

      How are EL preparations going? You winning this time? Ahahh

      1. I know people are behaving like they just won the world since beating Real must be pretty remarkable.

        To us, youre merely rutine.

  3. Oh no, I wrote a typo, someone call grammar police.
    Hilarious that you talk about grammar when you write “i” with a small letter (at a beginning of a sentence, whats even worse). Cognitive dissonance seem to be a problem with barcELona fanbase.

    How are EL preparations going? Are you aiming to win a trophy that your club with pride can say: “This will be something Real Madrid will never have” or are you merely going to repeat last years comedy central show?

  4. I know your hurting real bad from that humiliation son,its ok i totally understand your pain kid,its hard to accept for you i get it i really do,I’ll pray that you overcome this difficult time and get better soon,if my team had took such a beating like that and been such an embarrassment i would be having never ending nightmare too,i feel your pain son I’ll pray for your wellbeing again lmao 😉

    1. Ahaha yeah, I feel really bad that my team had an off day. For sure.
      You see, we have in last 10 seasons been battling on all fronts and going all the way on 5 ocassions. The burden of extra WC games will be tougher for better teams as it just adds up to the schedule.

      That is not a problem for second rate teams as your, as you havent been a factor since 2015 ahaha. You arent competing on all fronts, yet you embarrassed yourself with a premature EL exit, spent 600 mil in assets and bought players for 150 mil just to embarrass yourself again.

      Its fine to lose a game and feel tired when you have been harvesting trophies last 6-7 years, its a joke when you get dumped out twice to EL.

      How does it feel to be laughed at by arguably whole football world? The EL double is not something that happens every day, lmao!

  5. If you need help son and need to talk about it with someone I’m always here for you to help get you through these dark and tragic times 🤣😂👍

    1. Dont worry illiterate halfwit, I usually look at these figures and it all becomes better

      0-2 in relegations down to EL
      0-1 in being actually eliminated in EL
      35-26 Liga titles
      4-3 Fifa club world cup
      1-0 voted Club of the century
      100-97 in competitive Clasico victories
      14-5 CL trophies
      11-1 biggest win margin in Clasico, 1943
      6-2 in last 8 competitive Clasicos

    1. Pray for a EL win instead. Your debts are eating your team up lool.

      Did you know you cant spell barcELona without EL?
      If that isnt divine irony than I dont know what.

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