Barcelona take La Liga to court over ‘unequal competition conditions’

The war between LaLiga and Barcelona continues to rumble on, as the pair trade attacks.

President Javier Tebas called out Barcelona and the other Superleague clubs for trying to ‘rob his house’, saying the project will destroy La Liga in the process.

News has emerged that the two entities will be seeing each other in court, although the matter is unrelated to the Superleague. 38 of the 42 clubs in Spain’s top two divisions signed up to La Liga’s CVC deal, which saw 10.95% of the league’s collective TV revenue sold in exchange for just under €2b in advanced funding.

La Liga allowed those clubs to expand their salary limit by 15% within their regulations, but denied that privilege to the others (Barcelona, Athletic Club, Real Madrid and UD Ibiza). None of those other clubs decided to support the case. As per Sport, Barcelona have raised the case in a local commercial court, claiming that the competition is an uneven, given other clubs have an advantage.

While technically it seems they have a point (the conditions are different), many will raise an eyebrow at their claim. The resources in La Liga are heavily weighted towards Barcelona and Real Madrid, and while there are motives for that, it certainly distorts the ability of all clubs to compete on a level playing field.

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