Iranian footballer receives 16-year sentence for involvement in security officer murders

Iran came under the microscope for their treatment of their own citizens during the 2022 World Cup, with their national team heavily involved in the public image battle with the regime. One of the most famous cases has sadly been resolved with a 16-year prison sentence.

Iranian footballer Amir Nasr Azadani was involved in some of the anti-regime protests, which were sparked by a desire from many to stand up for women’s rights. This resulted in chaos across Iran, with security forces shooting at civilians.

Nasr Azadani, 26, was arrested for the murder of three security officers in Isfahan, and initially charged with the death penalty. However after confessing to his involvement, he has been handed a 16-year sentence following a trial, as per Sky News.

Amnesty International say there was little judicial process in the trial and that his confession was forced, while a former teammate labelled the trial as absurd.

Three others were sentenced to death at the same trial, with Nasr Azadani accused of “partaking in enmity against God”.

The Iranian national team were supposedly forced to sing the national anthem at the World Cup, having declined to do so in their first game. Meanwhile manager Carlos Queiroz dismissed questions about human rights abuses as Western hypocrisy.

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