Real Madrid set price limit on Jude Bellingham deal

Real Madrid will refuse to get involved in a bidding war for English superstar Jude Bellingham.

Los Blancos are not prepared to bring Bellingham in at all costs, and with the likes of Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool following the situation, Florentino Perez knows that it is a battle he cannot win.

As per Marca, Real Madrid will only raise their bid to a maximum of €110m. Should Borussia Dortmund demand more, Bellingham will play elsewhere. There may be room for negotiation on variables, but that is the maximum guaranteed they will provide.

It will be down to Real Madrid to persuade Bellingham himself that the Santiago Bernabeu is the right move for him. Liverpool are thought to be Los Blancos’ main competitors, who have the attraction of allowing Bellingham to return back to his home country. Their task is to ensure Bellingham tells Dortmund that it is Real Madrid or nothing.

Similar tactics were seen last summer with Raphinha. Leeds United accepted an offer from Chelsea, but with the Brazilian turning down all approaches from the Blues, the Yorkshire side were forced to agree terms with Barcelona in order to find a solution to the situation.

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  1. The price is reasonable, given the fact there will be variables.
    The inflated Fernandez price is just fairy tales and should not even be considered for comparison, as it is founded in fairy land and wishful thinking of the salesman, not reality.
    120 for a one hit wonder (in a rigged WC) that may or may not pan out. Yeah…
    Wouldnt even pay over 60 for Fernandez.
    Due to our fine relation to Dortmund and Bellinghams own desire to play here, I can see this happen.

  2. Real Madrid may pursue the signing of Bellingham but they should not cast out the talent they have in hand right now.
    Speaking of that i’m referring to Mendi,who i of the idea of changing him into striker since he likes going forward most of the time.Diversfication of position must also taken into consideratio n at some stage,i always picture Mendy on the attacking line and doing wonders should he be given a chance.He is speed and his ability of sudden turning to opposite direction with the ball can boost him a lot.

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