Barcelona try to ward PSG off with €100m price tag for attacking star

Although it might not come in January, there is a distinct sense that Barcelona could still do with making a significant sale in order to give themselves breathing room in their salary cap in the summer.

Several names are up in the air, but one of them might be Ousmane Dembele. After months of negotiations, Barcelona and the Frenchman finally signed a new deal after his previous one had expired last July. That two-year contract leaves them in a tricky place though.

Barcelona must either start new contract talks in the coming months and hope to get a deal done or if they want to make any money from Dembele, sell him this summer. As has been seen, the former is no easy task.

According to Sport, Paris Saint-Germain are interested in repatriating Dembele, a move that was speculated on many occasions last summer too. Their information is that if PSG want him, they must meet Barcelona’s asking price of €100m.

This would be totally at odds with his market value and there is little to no chance PSG would consider it. His greatest backer is Xavi Hernandez, and having fought hard to keep the 25-year-old, the assumption is that he will do so again.

Even if PSG do not reach those heights, the chances are that no deal will become applicable unless Neymar Junior departs PSG. Finding an exit for the Brazilian, on his extortionate wages, might be just as difficult as persuading Barcelona to part with Dembele.

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