La Liga submit formal complaint about racial abuse suffered by Vinicius Junior

The bleak outlook on racism in Spanish football continues to get worse, after Vinicius Junior returned from the World Cup to more monkey chants in Real Madrid’s first game back against Real Valladolid.

The Brazilian was brought off late on as Los Blancos scored a 2-0 victory. As Vinicius walked around the pitch, he was racially abused for the second time this season.

Vinicius tweeted about the incident thereafter, criticising La Liga for not doing enough to prevent or root out racism. President Javier Tebas replied to that tweet claiming that Vinicius should ‘inform himself better’.

As per Diario AS, La Liga have presented a formal complaint to the Anti-Violence Committee, which deals with cases of discrimination.

This is the usual protocol for such cases. Vinicius’ stance is entirely understandable though, as in each of the four occasions, the cases have not been elevated as a criminal investigation, nor has serious action been taken against fans or clubs behind it.

The prosecutors have referenced a lack of evidence, an inability to identify the culprits and even the tension of the situation as reasons for not doing so. If Vinicius is indeed forced to see a fifth case of racism since he arrived go unpunished, there should be no surprise if he qualifies it as an institutional issue, regardless of whom is responsible.

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  1. Im merely wondering who is instructing Tebas to do nothing and why.
    Its a clear cut case where those responsible on video should either come forward or Valladolid gets to play 10 matches with no crowd. Usually those types of punishments make the club more urgent to find ones responsible.

    I feel like there is a divisive political motive behind all this, I small the sewage stench of US and usual suspects behind similar incidents in purpose of division.

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