Ansu Fati and Mateu Lahoz conversation during controversial derby comes to light

Barcelona and Espanyol were both infuriated by the Royal Spanish Football Federation on Saturday. Both for disciplinary issues, and yet neither looks likely to find peace on.

Espanyol were disgusted with the fact that Robert Lewandowski was allowed to play after his three-match ban was suspended by the Central Court in Madrid. They have asked the RFEF to award the match as a victory for them, and punish Barcelona for fielding an ineligible player.

Meanwhile Barcelona were incensed by referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz’s performance, which saw him hand out 15 yellow cards and two reds. They felt he was overzealous with his punishments, in particular for the second dissent booking for Jordi Alba.

Movistar programme ‘El Dia Despues’ have picked up one of the those conversations with Ansu Fati, who was booked in the first-half – before tempers frayed. He said the following to Ansu in an incident before the young forward was yellow-carded.

“Ansu, come, come, you, come.”

“Now you’re making me angry. No, listen to me, shut up. Hold on. Look at me, pay attention to me. Even if their grabbing you, don’t use your elbows, okay?”

Only two of Barcelona’s nine yellow cards on the day were for actual fouls, Ansu (justifiably) being one of them. The 20-year-old would go on to elbow an Espanyol player there after. The other seven yellows were for dissent.

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  1. Lahoz Is Just Overzealeous Of Barca, He Has Referying So Bad Againts Us Each Time He Hold The Whistle. But All Enemies Shall Be Puting To Shame,

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