RFEF admit powerlessness as late Espanyol appeal over Robert Lewandowski is rejected

Espanyol have expressed their indignation, outrage and many more things on the case of Robert Lewandowski, after his three-game ban was temporarily suspended. They made a late appeal on the matter, but it has been rejected as ‘inadmissible’ by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

Lewandowski was due to serve a three-match ban after his sending off and extra punishment against Osasuna. However a late ruling from the Central Court in Madrid has permitted Barcelona to suspend the ban until the appeal is resolved.

Los Pericos emitted two statements expressing their outrage, their directors will not attend the match as his customary, and they even considered boycotting the match entirely.

Less than two hours before the match, the RFEF publicised their own statement, which explained the rejection of an appeal from Espanyol. The Blanc-i-blaus wanted the court decision annulled.

Last night, RCD Espanyol sent a letter to the Competition Committee requesting that it annul the judicial resolution of Central Court No. 2, in relation to the precautionary measure of the player Robert Lewandowski for the formal and legal reasons that they stated.

The Competition Committee has met urgently this morning of Saturday, December 31, agreeing on the inadmissibility of the request. The reasons have been set out in the letter in which the decision has been communicated to the clubs; and they are summarised in that the Committee cannot annul a judicial decision.

As has been pointed out by many, the decision sets a dangerous precedent. If suspensions can be delayed through appeals to suit the needs of a team, it risks adulterating the competition should teams be able to choose which games their players are suspended for.

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