‘I’m not going to stay quiet, I’m outraged’ – Pacheta fumes at Real Madrid penalty

Real Madrid finished out their year with a tight 2-0 victory over Real Valladolid, defeating La Pucela after a tough encounter. The breakthrough didn’t come until the 83rd minute and it was not without controversy.

As the corner came in, the ball was headed onto Valladolid central defender Javi Sanchez’s hand. His arm was outstretched and although it was unintentional and he had his back turned, it was given after a VAR review. Karim Benzema’s penalty would prove to be the winner, with Sergio Leon sent off in the aftermath.

Speaking to Sport after the match, Valladolid manager Pacheta was furious at the lack of consistency, after a similar incident was not given in their final match before the break.

“I’m tired, I’m outraged. It hits his hand? And in San Mamés too [it happened too] and they don’t call it.”

“Call all of the handballs and we know where we’re going. But do people really know what an unnatural hand position is? But if you jump with four [players] and you are unbalanced. I’m talking about things being fair.”

“[What I want is] That they call the same thing for me, because they don’t call it for me. And now I have to shut up? Well, I’m not going to shut up.”

This is just the latest in a long line of handball controversies in Spain, where in Pacheta’s defence, consistency is a major problem as much as any opinions on the rule.

In addition over-zealous use of the red card has been called into question of late. On the first day of La Liga action after the World Cup, four red cards were given in three games – more than in the entire tournament in Qatar. It takes La Liga’s season total of reds past the 60-mark.

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  1. How is that not a penalty you loudmouthed bum?
    Consider yourself extremely fortunate you didnt get another legit non called penalty in 9th minute.
    Stay outraged all you want but same player got caught twice and it should have been worse.

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