Espanyol issue follow-up statement, no club representatives to be present at Catalan Derby

Espanyol are furious about the decision to suspend Robert Lewandowski’s three-match ban, meaning that he is free to play in tomorrow’s Catalan derby.

Earlier today, the Madrid Central Tribunal for Contentious Administration placed a suspension Lewandowski’s sanctions, meaning that he is available for Xavi Hernandez’s table topping side tomorrow.

In response, Espanyol released a statement in which they were irate with the decision, as well the process taken to come to the verdict. They state that they received no updates about the situation, despite being indirectly affected.

Now, a further statement has been made by the club, in which they have announced that there will be no official representatives from the club at tomorrow’s match at the Camp Nou. Furthermore, they say that legal action is being considered on the matter.

“Given the injustice and grievance that in our assessment represents the decision of the Central Contentious Court of Madrid 24 hours before tomorrow’s match and, taking into account the dangerous precedent for the fairness of the competition represented by this route and this decision, the Club has decided not to have any institutional representation of RCD Espanyol in the league match to be played tomorrow at the Spotify Camp Nou.

“We understand that beyond the resolution and the specific case, an absolutely harmful precedent is set for LaLiga as a whole and for all the clubs that are part of it. In that sense, the legal services of the Club are evaluating all the legal aspects at our disposal to defend the interests of the club and its fans. We call on the organisers of the competition and the rest of the participating clubs to analyse the implications that this precedent sets for everyone.”

The club also confirmed that fans who purchased tickets individually will not be granted access to the Camp Nou tomorrow.

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  1. Marcelo: youre bad, January 2022 – 3 match ban, which stood.
    Lewandowski: implies ref takes drugs – ban revoked.

    Usual double standards by Liga. Get used to less people paying for that trash product. We get it, no club is allowed to break away to preserve the excitement and keep sheep paying. But do it more subtly, its kind of obvious like this.

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