Kylian Mbappe responds to Emiliano Martinez mocking in World Cup celebrations

Kylian Mbappe might have lost the World Cup final, but he continued to be a topic of conversation for much of the following week as Argentina celebrated. It was not due to his hat-trick.

Much of it was centred around Emiliano Martinez’s celebrations. On multiple occasions, the Aston Villa goalkeeper took it upon himself to stick it to Mbappe after the final. Despite being one of the first to help him to his feet, Martinez would then interrupt celebrations in the dressing room to have a moment’s silence for Mbappe. During the open-top bus parade, he was seen cradling a baby with Mbappe’s face.

Mbappe returned to Paris Saint-Germain just three days later, and speaking after their 2-1 win over Strasbourg, he first revealed what he had said to teammate Lionel Messi after the final.

“I spoke with Messi after the game, I congratulated him. It was important for him, for me too, but I lost and you have to show maturity to congratulate [the other team].”

TyC Sports covered his quotes, and it was no surprise that ‘Dibu’ Martinez was the next topic. Mbappe refused to be bothered by it though.

“The celebrations are not my problem. I don’t spend energy on such trivial things. The most important thing for me is to give my best for my club.”

His qualification of the matter is probably accurate. It is, in the grand scheme of things a trivial matter, although Martinez has seen plenty of criticism come his way.

However footballers often find ways to motivate themselves with matters that can, at times, seem unimportant. The true test of Mbappe’s words will be how he reacts should Les Bleus come up against Argentina and Martinez again in the near future. Based on the final, it would be a tasty rematch.

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  1. I personally think that the EPL.board should ban the Aston Villa goalkeeper for his racist behavior towards the French players of color.
    It is no use taking the knee when we have racist on the pitch. Otherwise we are hypocrites.
    Stop take the knee in the name of racism

    1. You have misunderstood the point of taking a knee. Its political, it has nothing to do with people of color, who are yet again used in Western pie throwing.

      The founder of BLM lived in a luxurious house in an all white neighborhood.

      Yes people are hypocrites. And no, people in charge dont care, all they want to do is sow hatred amongst people. Obviously letting this slide serves that purpose. The same as rigging the world cup so team with people who are ancestors of Nazi refugees get favorable ref decisions throughout the whole cup. Which other team in WC history got a penalty in 71%+ of their matches?

      The day people unite against people in charge instead of eachother, that will be the day we will have true peace.

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