Incredible gesture from Liverpool and Real Madrid target Enzo Fernandez revealed

Enzo Fernandez is on top of the world after winning the World Cup. Only making the move to Benfica in July, he was a late addition to the Argentina squad, and ended up winning young player of the tournament. That was after scoring a brilliant goal and carving out a starting role for himself in the group stages.

The 21-year-old was playing for one of the biggest clubs in South America, but even so, if you were to collect those events into a fairy-tale film, it would seem a little unbelievable.

Recently it was revealed by Elche defender Imanol Segovia that the person matches up to the footballer. As per TyC Sports, the two crossed paths in 2016 at River, when Segovia moved from his region of Misiones, sandwiched between Paraguay and Brazil, to Buenos Aires.

When Segovia was informed that River had no space in their residencies for him, the 15-year-old Segovia was faced with the prospect of returning back to Misiones, with nowhere to stay. Without asking his parents, Fernandez offered his own home to Segovia.

“I arrived at River in 2016 and in the middle of the year, since the free pass from Crucero del Norte did not arrive, they told me that I was not going to have any more room in the apartment. I was 15 years old and I couldn’t rent anything. I didn’t know what to do, I was going to have to go back to Misiones. But Enzo appeared who, without asking his parents, told me to come to his home.”

Segovia still enjoys a good relationship with the Fernandez family.

“Raúl worked in a factory and Marta was a housewife. They lent me a hand in the most incredible way. They are my parents from the heart, my second family. I keep talking to Enzo, with his parents and his brothers. I will thank them all life.”

The Argentine central defender would end up moving to Racing after being released by River. The Fernandez family would help him find a new club and without it, Segovia might not have been able to continue his career as a professional footballer. Currently he plays for Elche Ilicitano, the filial side of Elche in La Liga.

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