Barcelona captain Sergio Busquets changes mind on renewal

Xavi Hernandez has publicly and privately been insisting that not only is Sergio Busquets a key player for Barcelona currently, but that he should be next season too. It might have borne him fruit.

According to MD, the Barcelona captain had more or less made up his mind that 2023 would be his date of departure following a 15-year career at the Blaugrana.

However Busquets has now changed his mind and is seriously considering staying at the club to sign a new deal. Xavi met with Busquets recently and his coach is slowly succeeding in changing his mind.

In addition, the fact that Lionel Messi is set to prolong his stay at Paris Saint-Germain for another year could have an influence. The two remain good friends and had planned to coincide at Inter Miami again, the presumed final destination for both, but Busquets may be less keen to do so without the Argentine heading there.

Busquets has been heavily criticised over recent seasons, but if one thing has become clear in recent months, it is that Barcelona cannot afford a major transfer for his replacement. Bringing a quality alternative to an institution like Busquets is difficult at the best of times, so given their financial difficulties, this would kick the issue down the road.

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