Watch: Two million people flood streets to celebrate World Cup win in Buenos Aires

The scenes of support, noise, joy and ecstasy from the Argentine fans have been some of the defining images and sounds of the Qatar World Cup and that was before they lifted the trophy. Predictably, the celebrations in Buenos Aires, Argentina and across the world were enough to move even the coldest of hearts.

In the middle of Buenos Aires, where the iconic Obelisco soars upwards, fans gathered as the penalties came to a glorious end for Nahuel Molina and Emi Martinez.

One cyclist managed to capture the exact moment that it happened, in a scene of almost cinematic quality.

An estimated two million people would accumulate in the streets around the Obelisk, with many millions more gathered around the rest of Argentina.

The partying went long into the night and will likely go on for many endless hours over the coming week.

In Spain, the Argentine community was out in force too, with an estimated 14,000 people getting together at the Arc de Triomf in order.

In Madrid, the town hall was lit up with Argentine colours and the Puerta del Sol was another venue for luxuriating Argentines, as were Malaga, Zaragoza and Seville.

No doubt, there is plenty more to come.

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