Endrick Felipe deletes tweet showering praise on Lionel Messi after Madridista backlash

Despite only just having turned 16, Endrick Felipe is already living the life of a star. Last year he went on a European tour of the top clubs on the continent, attending games by invitation and no doubt being treated very well. He will also be seeing the flipside of that lifestyle though.

Enrick has been heavily linked with Real Madrid and various sources say that a deal has been done for him to move to the Spanish capital in 2024, although nothing has yet been announced.

As the world watched Lionel Messi glide through the Croatian defence, many fell at his feet with praise and eulogies – including Endrick. He tweeted out his thoughts.

“Messi is absurd, what was that.”

However he then faced a strong backlash from Madridistas, telling him to delete the tweet. Seeing their pride the offended by Endrick praising a Barcelona legend, he received plenty of abuse before deleting it. Some of that abuse strayed into racism.

About an hour later, Luka Modric would tell the press that Messi was the best player in history.

It speaks to the incredibly damaging tribalism that exists online. Apparently it has reached the point where even just complementing other players who the fanbase do not like is off-limits for players. While this is a minor incident, that tribal culture itself impedes conversation and debate.

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  1. “It speaks to the incredibly damaging tribalism that exists online”

    That fire was stoked by pique, busquets, xavi and cruyff sr, when he was still alive.

    Its natural that they feel inferior due to glaring discrepancy in accolades and had to somehow get even for the years of being second best. Madrid never felt the same urge, due to healthy lead in all trophy counts. Which we still have, those that matter at least – they can have gamper trophy and participant prize copa del Rey.

    When barcelona finally had their golden era they took every opportunity to gloat through pathetically provocative social media outbursts. They probably finally felt that their 5 minutes of glory have come and took fully advantage of it. And obviously, the fans followed their lead.

    Nowadays, I dont see them being that active anymore, the Europa League culture they are cultivating is good at shutting mouths up.

    Would have been productive to do some digging work around why that tribalism arose.

  2. Im willing to bet those fans that wrote racist messages were barcELona false flag trolls.


    Simple, there is a culture of racism within that club. Remember busquets calling Marcelo mono, fabregas calling Kanoute a terrorist, or villa insulting Özils religion and beliefs? Etoo had also one or two things to say about management when he played. Meanwhile, point me to a similar RM scandal? Ill be waiting.

    Not to mention barcELona feeling a bit peeved over him choosing us, gives them a reason to be (even more) inferior and sad.

    You need to have somewhat active logic center in head and an unserstading of the perverse socialmedia culture to make correct conclusions.

  3. Could you defend Real Madrid without relying on petty whataboutism? We are the great football club in the world, we are better than the comments shown to Endrick, and we are certainly better than pointing fingers at VARca when confronted with our own need to show class.

    1. These are facts that happened, not petty whataboutism.
      In first case its a simple use of Newtons third law and second case its mere logic.
      RM were never about provoking barcELona because we dont have a need to, as we are on the top. If youre a millionare, do you go to slum areas and gloat to people about it?

      Second, racism has always been an issue in their club, as demonstrated by their players and management, everything that I wrote can be verified.

      I bet you heard “whataboutism” somewhere and were just dying to use it. Its however not applicable here, as explaining the bigger picture might be neccessary to understand why some things are happening.

      There is no culture of racism in Real Madrid as there NEVER have been any incidents involving players, supporters or management on that particular issue in history. Disprove me. Therefore the conclusion that an idi-t with catalanimal IP who cosplayed a Real fan and wrote racist comments to Endricks is everything but farfetched.

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