Milan want Real Madrid to reduce Brahim Diaz price

On loan Real Madrid star Brahim Diaz is facing an uncertain summer next year, with little clarity on his future.

The 23-year-old is half way through the second year of his loan to Milan, which has been a successful stint for both his development and for Milan.

The Italian club want to retain him beyond next summer and do have a €22m buy clause, although ultimately Real Madrid still have control, with a €27m buyback clause also inserted. It has been said that Carlo Ancelotti will have a big say in their course of action too.

According to GdS, via MD, Milan and Madrid are already in talks about a deal. However the Rossoneri are keen to reduce his fee below the €22m.

At a young age, and having started two thirds of Milan’s Serie A matches this season, it would be a surprise if they were able to reduce that fee much below that amount. It seems unlikely that a Premier League club would not pay equal to or even above what Milan are willing to for him, so unless it is a gesture of good will to Brahim, there is little incentive to do so.

It is possible that they see Milan as the best place for him to continue his development. If they feel he could become a bigger star, retaining a buyback clause at a reasonable level may come in use later down the line, either to use Brahim in their own side or sell him on at a profit.


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  1. This similar kind of brazen daftness is seen in Nato-junta countries who are trying to impose price cap on Russian energy commodities.

    What bloodthirsty Nato-junta doesnt know is that if a buyer tries to tell a seller at what price their desirable commodity should be sold for, said seller just laughs at buyer and sells said commodity to a more serious buyer.

    Is there a moral of the story thats appliable to this? Yes, probably.

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