Luis Enrique refuses to say whether he will resign as Spain manager

Following Spain‘s elimination from the World Cup in Qatar, questions have begun to be asked as to whether coach Luis Enrique will remain in the role.

Tuesday’s 3-0 defeat on penalties confined La Roja to a last 16 exit, a result that is unacceptable for the Spanish Football Federation and fans alike.

Speaking in the aftermath of the match, Enrique said that he will take some time before deciding whether he will continue in his current position.

“Now is not the time (to discuss my future). I want to see my family and my dogs and be able to be there for them. From next week, when the president deems it appropriate, we will talk. For now, I am not thinking about the future. We must assimilate this disappointment first.”

Speaking about the penalty horror show, Enrique took the blame for his team’s failings.

“The responsibility is all mine because I chose the first three takers, as I considered them as the specialists. The rest were decided by the team, but we did not even reach the fourth. Bono is a spectacular goalkeeper in this facet.”

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  1. He should resign after this unimaginable debacle.
    You play half the barcELona players in roster, you get barcELona results.

    Fortunately, this experience wont develop them, on the contrary it reinforces their “worst when it matters most” mentality.

  2. Hugely disappointing world cup after a promising start. It seems like this team have learnt nothing since the awful euro exit and continue to be so light weight in attack its beyond a joke. This tactic of boring teams to death with this pass pass and pass tika taka nonsense is now becoming ridiculous. Who cares how many times you pass the ball if you can’t score a bloody goal…that’s the point of the game!…Spain need to focus on developing world class striker’s …or they’re gonna suffer the same fate again and again..

    1. Much like his bald compatriot in City, he is stuck mentally in last decade when barcELona had their prime.
      It wasnt the tiki taka system, it was messi that made it work. You could field him, xavi, iniesta and 7 defenders and still win.
      Its a huge delusion that Baldhead was a genius for creating that unattractive system. Evidented by batcELonas current failures and Bayerns debacle in CL when RM overran them 4-0, coincidentally after Bald one and his torture the ball system took over.
      Did I mention Heynckess Bayern destroyed barcELona year before 7-1?
      Did I mention Bayern won a CL after getting rid of Baldys atrocious system?

  3. …a stupid coach that refused to take his best defender,a true leader,a fighter and most of all an individual of great character that knows how to motivate other players and win.
    Luis E. should be sack with immediate effect. He can go back to Barca for further instructions

  4. He must retire! He is very stubborn and refused to take Sergio Ramos even if he didn’t start every game he’s a great leader, motivator and one of the best penalty takers, he refused to take Iago Aspas, also a great leader, goal scorer and penalty taker for Celta de Vigo, he also refused to take Borja Iglesias again excellent striker for Real Betis. But instead took Marcos Asensio who isn’t even a starter for Real Madrid, much less a CF. Then he picked the first three penalty kick takers and chose 3 players that never take penalties, Sergio Busquets never took a penalty at Barca it’s always been Messi and now Lewondowski, Sarabia isn’t even a starter for PSG much less a penalty kick taker. Bottom line Luis Enrique was a loser as a player and now a loser as a coach! I’m surprised he even made it passed the group stage with a win and a tie, they were lucky Costa Rica didn’t beat Germany.

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