‘Florentino Perez to blame for Barcelona’s Assembly boycott’ – Javier Tebas

La Liga‘s Extraordinary General Assembly will take place tomorrow in Dubai, despite the league’s two biggest clubs announcing that they will be absent.

Last week, Barcelona and Real Madrid declared that they would be boycotting the event in the United Arab Emirates. Both clubs feel that it is a ridiculous decision to hold the meeting on the other side of the world, even despite the World Cup being played close by in Qatar.

As per MD, La Liga president Javier Tebas has claimed that Florentino Perez was the driving force behind Barcelona deciding to miss tomorrow’s meeting.

“This Assembly has been scheduled from September 6 and the budget of this Assembly in Dubai was approved at the Ordinary General Assembly, with a special section of ‘investment in Dubai’. Barça had been signed up with its treasurer Ferran Olivé and its football director Mateu Alemany until three days ago. I think that they received the call from who we all think. Before Florentino contacted them, they had been in line to attend.”

Although both Real Madrid and Barcelona has cited geographical issues as to their decision to boycott, it is thought that their true reasons likely stem from other issues, such as the controversial European Super League. On this topic, Tebas was clear.

“We defend two different models of football. The one they defend destroys the other. It is impossible to have agreements when the other side is asking you to destroy your football.”

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  1. Unless your Iq hovers below 50 mark, you wouldnt even bother with implying that laporta is a poor, naive, green young lad who evil uncle Perez weaves around his sinister whims.

    We are talking about two mortal enemies and barcELonas pathological hatred for RM would see them rather to make a pact with the Horned one than be a partner of us, let alone being used.

    But if course, we all know that Tebas is a special kind of guy, heavy accentuation on word special.

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