Ferran Torres responds to Luis Enrique joke about relationship with daughter

Dating your bosses’ daughter is risky to say the least, but so far Ferran Torres appears to be in Spain manager Luis Enrique’s good graces.

Torres began dating Sira Martinez in a long-distance relationship while Torres was at Manchester City and the pair both live in Barcelona now.

Speaking on his live Twitch stream, Luis Enrique was asked who the extension of himself on the pitch was, if Vicente del Bosque’s was Sergio Busquets. His answer brought a smile to Luis Enrique and many others.

“If I have to choose who is my extension on the pitch, I would say Ferran, because if not, my daughter kills me,” he laughed.


As it happened, it was Ferran Torres who was chosen for the press conference the following day. Sport carried his answer as Torres responded to the incident.

“I don’t take it as added pressure, we know that the coach is a joker and he simply made a joke while he was live.”

Later he was also asked how he separates Luis Enrique as his girlfriend’s father and his national team coach.

“The coach and I know how to differentiate when he is family and when he is a coach and I a player. We deal with it naturally.”

Certainly it is a tightrope few would dare to walk, and less with a man like Luis Enrique, who does not suffer fools easily.

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