Cristiano Ronaldo could retire before 2023

If Cristiano Ronaldo went into the season looking to make headlines, then he has at the very least achieved that.

His interview with Piers Morgan has dominated the news in the final week before the Qatar World Cup, as revelations and scathing criticisms are fired out at a rate of knots.

Apart from admitting that his time at Manchester United is likely over, there was one announcement that did have material impact on his on-the-pitch contributions.

“I once dreamed of winning it. It is very difficult but everything is possible. We are going to compete, we are never the favourites. I think France, Spain, Argentina, Germany or Brazil start as favourites. Also England, but after Portugal.”

“I will 100% retire if we win the World Cup,” remarked Ronaldo crucially.

Sport carried his comments form the interview and while even Cristiano does not appear too optimistic, it does open the door to a remarkable ‘mic-drop’ moment, or fairy-tale ending, depending on which way you look at it.

For many of his followers, the depressing thing will be that his image has taken such a crushing blow after this interview, something that will last in the memory of many, along with his incredible career. Equally Manchester United fans will regard his legacy entirely differently.

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