Real Madrid roasted for arrogance on the pitch by opposition player

Real Madrid have found themselves in something of a war of words in recent weeks.

Los Blancos feel that they have been unfairly targeted by other teams and are not receiving sufficient protection from referees in recent weeks. It has led to a number of complaints form the likes of Thibaut Courtois, Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo Goes.

However various other opponents have spoken out against Real Madrid and their players, complaining of their unprofessional behaviour on the pitch.

Speaking to Marca, Rayo Vallecano striker Sergio Camello is part of the only side to have gotten the better of Real Madrid in Spain this season. He explained what makes the difference.

“We have a team that works well off the pitch because we are friends and if you have to smash your head for someone, you do it. We have shown it at the Camp Nou, the Metropolitano and against Real Madrid.”

The on-loan Atletico Madrid striker is enjoying his time at Vallecas, as are all of the fans. So far Rayo are unbeaten against the big three, taking 5 points from their three fixtures against them.

Camello is the latest to speak in derogatory terms about Real Madrid and their attitude though.

“They also drove us crazy. When you are a big player you can either have the attitude of Falcao or you can come to take the p p*** or laugh at you. We play football very well, but when we have to break our faces we do it. In the end, the game is played more without the ball than with it. They told us comments like ‘I’m the best’ or they laughed… they’re not better for that.”

He joins teammate Ivan Balliu, Cadiz defender Fali and Real Mallorca’s Antonio Raillo in showing distaste for the way Real Madrid players, and in particular Vinicius, have comported themselves.

Although perhaps Real Madrid’s forwards should receive more protection from referees, their attitude appears to be aiding their opponents somewhat with their attitude. Other teams and defenders have extra motivation to stop Real Madrid, and Girona, Osasuna, and Rayo Vallecano have come out the other side with points.

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  1. “He joins teammate Ivan Balliu, Cadiz defender Fali and Real Mallorca’s Antonio Raillo in showing distaste”

    None of these literal nobodies and b-wares would even speak if referees didnt sanction.

    This is the joy of being (unfairly) gifted points actually talking.

    Yes we get it, you dont like Vinicius, maybe because he is black; didnt see them talk about other players who were known for flair playstyle.

    Vini is an easy target now, and its leagues fault. We miss Rudiger and his standing up for teammates. In hockey, this is usually solved by having a thug who beats up players if they have the baIIs to touch a star player. While there might be no such thing as fighting in football, it is no problems at all to instruct Hazard or someone else of no use to club to two foot tackle Balliu, Falli and that Camel dung whathisface fellow in 95th minute of match.

    You still want to play dirty, rodent?

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