Football manager turned Twitch streamer: Luis Enrique announces World Cup plans

Luis Enrique Martinez is renowned for doing things differently and on Monday night the Spain manager announced that he would become a Twitch streamer during the World Cup.

He posted a video on his Twitter account, explaining that he would be streaming during the World Cup. Spain arrive in Qatar on Friday and Luis Enrique revealed that he would begin streaming that day.

The idea behind it was to open a line of communication that was more spontaneous, and without filters.

“The idea is simply to establish a direct relationship with fans who may be interested in information about the national team. Telling everything from a particular point of view, in this case mine and that of my ‘staff’, and establishing a direct and more spontaneous relationship. I can only improve because the light now is not adequate and the microphone is from the Third Division. My face, it is what it is. I will improve.”

In Luis Enrique’s case, the Asturian is someone who has often held a shaky relationship with the media, particularly in Madrid. While he will often engage on questions related to football, he is just as likely to give a slightly ridiculous answer should he feel the question be directed towards a particular headline or to augment a narrative that he does not subscribe to.

This also follows in the footsteps of his former player Gerard Pique. The former Barcelona central defender started streaming long before many footballers as a way of speaking to people without the media being involved. Rather than a final press conference with the club, Pique held a Twitch interview with Ibai Llanos to close out his time at Barcelona.

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