Pep Guardiola to discuss Manchester City extension

Pep Guardiola is ready to open talks to extend his contract with Premier League champions Manchester City during the World Cup break.

The Catalan coach is out of contract at the Etihad Stadium at the end of the 2022/23 campaign with preliminary discussions ongoing over his future in Manchester.

Guardiola has transformed City, since his arrival in 2016, with four Premier League titles for the former Barcelona boss, as part of their rise to the dominant force in England.

However, speculation on his next move has grown in recent weeks, with previous reports from the Manchester Evening News claiming the situation is undecided.

Fresh reports, from the Daily Mail, claim he will fly to Abu Dhabi to meet with the City ownership, as extension talks intensify.

Guardiola will assess his options during the break, with indications hinting at a two year renewal, as he aims to win his first Champions League title since leaving Barcelona.

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  1. Theyre insane if they offer this flop a contract.
    Imagine spending over 1,5 bil on transfers and no CL.
    When was last time he won CL? 2011? Despite coaching Bayern and City, arguably most talented club and richest club?

    He can thank messi, iniesta and xavi for his glory as he is the one that made him, not the other way around. Apparently worlds “best coach” is not so best without them, evidented by his lack of success ever since.

      1. Its obviously difficult explaining things to people without inherent reading comprehension ability, so Ill leave it at that.

        If you feel like winning leagues a couple of times, with all that money investment AND worlds “best coach” (an impossible equation) while never claiming the ultimate glory – your parents should be claiming a refund on you.

        If leagues mattered, Celtic would be worlds best club since they win it every year.

        His fame is a product of a worthless (pardon the redundancy) english press and their wish to believe articles, that are trying to rationalise his lack of SUCCESS by switching thesis – leagues are just as good as CL. Ahaha.

        Bayern won barcelona in their prime 7-1, along come guardiola and they get utterly obliterated by Real. Not so remarkably, Bayern won CL again after they got rid of him. Stuff can happen when you let Dante mark CR 🤣🤣🤣🤣

        Citys shortcomings in CL have also been due to his incompetence, not least the last year when he decided to hold the lead and play defensively instead of asking from more of same in Spain. If they had been playing same way they did in England, theyd won, but someone soiled their underwear and the rest is history.

        Pro guardiola articles are nothing more than a coping mechanism. He is useless without messi, xavi and iniesta – unfortunately for you, facts are evident on that one.

        Lets see If you manage to read and comprehend this one, Ive wrote it in a easy-to-understand-fashion.

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