Carlo Ancelotti singles out Marco Asensio as ‘the best’ in Celtic thrashing

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti could scarcely have hoped for a smoother manner in which to finish the Champions League group stages. Their 5-1 victory over Celtic was never in doubt after Luka Modric opened the scoring from the penalty spot.

Speaking to Marca after the match, Ancelotti reflected that as he claimed there were no negatives from their performance.

“There are no buts, not even the goal conceded. The opposition scored from a free kick. The interpretation of the game was good from the beginning. We did not want any problems and we have achieved first place.”

Ancelotti had special praise for Marco Asensio though. On just his second start of the season, he notched a fine goal. It was also his pass that led to the opening goal of the game, the incisive cut in the Celtic defence before the penalty.

“He was the best of the match. He mixed well with Valverde. He was forceful and effective. The best. His attitude when he wasn’t playing was good. I had no doubts, but when you’re not happy you can have a negative or positive attitude. He chose the positive.”

Asensio will be hoping his performances are enough to convince Spain manager Luis Enrique to take him to the World Cup. Ancelotti was also asked about former Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos, who recently commented that he was holding out hope that he would make it to Qatar. The Italian was decisive in what he would do.

“For his quality, he should go to the World Cup, no doubt. He is one of the best central defenders in the world.”

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    Read the headline in another paper, vis-a-vis second penalty; with a bunch of pundits agreeing, saying shot came from point blank, blah blah.

    I mean, I do agree with them. What can you do if a shot comes from point blank.

    Add that to the situation Asensio was in couple of days ago, and square root it with the fact that it was bounced off his chest before hitting said arm, also from point blank (maybe even closer) range.

    Aside from the glaring double standards one should give a hard long think on refs original hesitation to give RM a penalty. Remember, she had a perfect, unobscured vision of the incident 1 meter from it, it was VAR room that overruled her (or lack thereof) call.

    Someone in VAR room must have warned her that entire video assisted referee BS would reach an even higher height of clownery if penalty wasnt given, keeping in mind Gironas la la land penalty.

    Just goes to show what kind of toss up penalties and VAR really are and how two referees can give different calls in same situation. Also keep in mind that it was that unnamed nobody in Girona match that originally gave the call.

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