Thibaut Courtois joins Real Madrid dissent against referee in Girona draw

Real Madrid have not held back in talking about the referee following their failure to beat Girona on Sunday. Carlo Ancelotti, Marco Asensio and even the Real Madrid website blamed the referee for their failure to win the match and goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has joined the growing avalanche of dissent coming out of the Santiago Bernabeu.

Ancelotti told the press that the Girona penalty, after Asensio hit the ball with his arm, had been invented, while Asensio himself also said that it should not have been given. Both run the risk of sanctions for their comments too.

As Relevo report, Courtois also believed the referee was mistaken.

“In the referees’ talk they told us that after a rebound of from your own body, that was not a handball. I don’t think this would be called in the Champions League. They thought it was a handball and that’s it. It’s very rare, sometimes it’s a handball, sometimes not. We don’t know when it is.”
As was the case with Ancelotti and Asensio, Courtois’ assessment is incorrect according to the rulebook. Although he refers to the rebound rule as a reason for a penalty not to be given, it does not apply if the arm is in an unnatural position.
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  1. “As was the case with Ancelotti and Asensio, Courtois’ assessment is incorrect according to the rulebook.”

    Love when a guy who is known for being chronically wrong in his articles regarding scores, trophies etc. swims against the current and pretty much every expert opinion in media, in order to be controversially defiant and tries to convince everybody that up is down.

    The liga penalty wheel of fortune is inconsistent, lacks clear definitions and is pretty much a toss up, depending if referee sleeps in rival teams jammies during nights or not and how liga wants a title race to shape up.

  2. I was a referee and I would have NEVER called that PK against Asensio……NEVER.
    That was a wrong call, a poor call and a terrible call.
    It may also have a very UNFAIR and strong affect for Real Madrid in winning their La Liga championship.
    This BAD call cost Real 2 very precious points.
    I am also very surprised that VAR did allow this PK to happen.
    VAR has been terrible this season and and this very unfair and very poor PK call should have never occurred.
    A very big shame on that terrible referee and on terrible VAR. They both were disgustingly wrong and unfair with this atrocious bad and wrong PK call.

  3. The PK call against Asensio was very wrong.
    This was one of the worst PK calls I have seen a referee and VAR make.

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