Transitioning player at CE Europa explains experiences in women’s football

The issue of gender identity in sport is set to continue growing as the community of transitioning or transitioned people grows itself. Jordi Cardero of Relevo recently interviewed Alex of CE Europa, a historic team from Barcelona playing in the lower divisions, about his experiences in women’s football.

Currently, Alex plays for Europa’s women’s B team. He went viral after a photo was published by the club account with the score at 10-0 in favour of Europa. As the article points out, Alex has only been responsible for 3 of his side’s 31 goals this season though.

Alex explained that the transition, which he is currently in the process of, had been on his mind from a young age.

“When I was three or four years old, I already said that when I grew up I would be a boy and I would be called Àlex”

“It changed my life. That’s when I started to be myself.”

However it has barely affected Alex while playing.

“Never has a rival insulted me. Sometimes a comment is heard from the stands. It’s about four people who are paying just to take out their frustration on you.”

As things stand, Alex cannot play men’s football as his identity document in Spain still shows as female. He was asked if he would like to play men’s football.

“It scares me. Football is a very macho sport. It struggles to accept changes and there you have to be a ‘proper man’ to play football.”

“If I was to go into men’s football, I would like to go and compete at the same level I am playing at in women’s football. As I cannot do so, I have currently to choose between playing men’s football purely for enjoyment [amateur] or ending my time in football.”

Alex will continue playing for the Europa B team until the situation changes.

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