Gary Lineker wins Manuel Vazquez Montalban award in Catalonia

Gary Lineker has been awarded with the Manuel Vazquez Montalban for Sports Journalism in Catalonia.

The prize, which recognises journalism and is named after renowned Catalan journalist, has been going since 2004. Amongst the award winners are Simon Kuper, Jorge Valdano and Tostao for the sports section.

Lineker, who played for Barcelona in the second half of the 1980s, was presented the award by current President Joan Laporta for his critical eye and ironic approach to journalism.

Speaking to Diario AS at the award, Lineker explained his pride at winning.

“I am very happy for this recognition; there are people who have taken it that I respect a lot”.

He also gave some interesting opinions on the current state of affairs at Barcelona, claiming there is plenty to be positive about with the young talent coming through at Barcelona.

Perhaps his most intriguing answer was focused on Real Madrid though. Lineker struggles to understand how they have had so much success in the Champions League.

“They are a great club, they are a great team, but they are very lucky. Of course it is one of the biggest clubs in the world. And they know how to win. Sometimes I look at the Madrid squad and it doesn’t look as special as in the past. But they still win. Without Ronaldo they keep winning… and sometimes I don’t know why”.

His words will probably resonate with plenty in Catalonia. However at this point it would be reductive to call such sustained success luck. Since Carlo Ancelotti broke their dry run in the Champions League in 2014, Los Blancos have been the most consistent side in Europe over the last eight seasons.


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  1. Lineker struggles to understand how they have had so much success in the Champions League.
    “They are a great club, they are a great team, but they are very lucky”

    Ah now I see why he got his prize. Its also obvious with that statement that he absolutely has zero clue. Do you want an explaination for success formula? Its the Madrid gene of never surrender. Its the exact opposite of barcelona who with this upcoming EL adventure, have just cemented their failure culture. Take a look at last years campaign where they beat not one, but all top clubs on the road to victory. And only a simple, third rate mind would say that five victories in nine years is a fluke. Thats all the words he deserves to be wasted on him. Culture is the difference and the key.

    Nothing to see here, one clown puts a golden colored tin foil medal around another ones neck. Id suggest barcelona to make more “gamper trophy” style comepetitions to boost their shrinking prize cabinet.

    1. This is actually a pretty lame and transparent attempt of switching thesis – its in fact barcelona who fluked out on messi and had their golden period thanks to amazing luck that he turned out the way he did. Or who knows, it might have been thanks to HGH, which made him an even better player (there is a reason for that substance being banned).

      Theyre merely returning to their normal state of being top three “close but no cigar” – club.

      We have demonstrated that we cope without Ronaldo, while they just slid down further without messi, although downfall started with him and those funky, juicy meltdowns in CL will always be a source of amusement for neutral fans.

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