Florentino Perez wins court case to silence Spanish newspaper over audio leaks

Florentino Perez has won his court case against Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, preventing them from publishing any further audio material that may compromise the Real Madrid President.

In the summer of 2021, audio files were published by El Confidencial in which Perez can be heard speaking with Jose Antonio Abellan over ten years ago. In those conversations, Perez insulted the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho and Iker Casillas, whom Perez referred to as a fraud and a failure.

Diario AS have reported the ruling of a court case which Perez had brought for defamation. El Confidencial have been ordered to pay the symbolic fee of a single euro, but have now been prevented from publishing further audio material relating to Perez. The judge ruled as follows.

“The form and the content of the emissions demonstrate that as shown by the acting part, those emissions intended only to undermine the public image of Florentino Perez Rodriguez, presenting him as a false person, a liar, that puts his interests above anyone else within the club that he presides over. And that, in effect, constitutes an illegitimate intromission in his right to honour.”

It marks a worrying precedent if media, already influenced by outside forces, are now unable to exercise their full reporting rigour against a figure like Perez. The Real Madrid President represents a major political and economic figure within Spain beyond his duties to the Spanish club.

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  1. “It marks a worrying precedent if media, already influenced by outside forces”

    Welcome to modern times media.

    The damage figures should have been in tens of millions, THAT would set a precedent.

    If someone only care about money thats where that person should be punished – in the wallet.

    That media is rotten to the core is nothing new.

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