Alessandro Bastoni sent death threats by Barcelona fans

Frustration was high amongst Barcelona fans following defeat to Inter in the Champions League. Some of their fans chose to express it in despicable fashion.

The Nerazzurri ground out a 1-0 victory over the Blaugrana on Tuesday night, putting Barcelona’s hopes of qualifying for the knockout stages in jeopardy.

However in the aftermath of that, Inter player Alessandro Bastoni received death threats from angry Barcelona fans. His partner, Camilla Bresciani, received a message titled “I’m going to cut your husband’s legs off,” which she posted on social media. The message went on to detail a death threat.

As per Football Italia, Bresciani posted the messages on her Instagram story, with the caption “How disgusting are you?”

Unfortunately, this is all too common a sight on social media, whether it be related to football or not. It feeds into a wider debate about how much social media companies should regulate the content produced on their sites. Far too often, it is the home of discrimination and abuse without limits.

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