The handball law leading to Barcelona’s formal UEFA complaint

Barcelona have slept on their defeat to Inter, but they flames on injustice are still burning brightly within them.

The Blaugrana were furious during and after the match with the application of the handball laws, which ended up taking a goal off them and depriving them of a potential penalty. Speaking after the match, Xavi Hernandez told the press that he was indignant at what he called an injustice.

Sport say that the club are intending on submitting a formal complaint to UEFA about the performance of Slavko Vincic the referee and VAR assistant Pol van Boekel. It has been pointed out by many that van Boekel was also in the VAR room for Barcelona’s last match, when they felt they were denied a clear penalty on Ousmane Dembele against Bayern Munich.

The Catalan daily go on to point out that the application of the law in Pedri’s disallowed goal does seem to give Xavi some rationale behind his rage.

“If the ball, after accidentally touching a player on the hand or arm, is shot by another teammate and scores a goal, this goal will be valid.”

Regardless of the events, Barcelona will have to pick themselves up quickly. Facing Celta Vigo on Sunday, their Champions League return at Camp Nou against Inter next Wednesday has suddenly become a must-win tie.

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  1. The funny thing is that if those decisions went Barcelona’s way, you guys would have written an article with an headline like “scandalous officiating by..”. Secondly it’s the Dumfries handball that infuriated Barcelona the most, how anyone would fail to see that is beyond me. Dumfries reaction after touching the ball by guiltily tucking his arm behind his back was in itself self explanatory.

  2. Can someone please tell xavi to start dembele and ansu fati instead of raphinha,kessie instead of gavi.
    I still prefer alba to Alonso
    UCL second leg is must win or else

  3. Xavi has the materials but his team selection is becoming a concern. What did Alonso do yesterday that Balde couldn’t have done? He played Gavi instead of De Jong in Munich; plays Gavi again instead of Kessie in Milan. He just wants to make sure Barcelona’s players represent Spain at the World Cup but the Club will pay dearly for such decisions.

  4. Was xavi furious too when etoo played handball vs Chelsea in penalty area? Or when Aytekin conjured penalties out of a hat for you?


    The fires of injustice sure seem to burn only when it affects them. By not saying a word back then and instead celebrating an injust victory, you accept that you live by the sword and some day, the luck will be turned AGAINST you. Not saying a thing when things go your way and being furious when they dont make you look like a beach, and a huge lolcow who is devoid of any principles in life.

  5. Xavi need to play balde ahead alonso and bring casado to right back in every competition ortherwise he will lose his job

  6. The best starting eleven for Barca, should be: Hector bellerin and Jordi alba arojo and kounde that is the defense in the midfield pedri, dejong, and kessie. Up front depay from the left dembele from the right and Robert leads the front. I pray xavi sees this formation and trust my judgement he will have the most fearsome team in Europe

  7. Xavier really gambled with that match cos raphinha couldn’t do anything on the left and we where running only to dembele,i personally think that kessi in for gavi, A.fati in for raphinha

  8. Barca making noise about what? They have forgotten so quickly that whT goes around comes around. Chelsea vs Barca while Ovrebo was the referee, why didn’t they cry foul then. Please don’t complain because you benefited from such officiating now that it has affected swallow it like that and move on. Xavi was in the same match I talked about.

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