Jurgen Klopp responds to Florentino Perez’s Superleague suggestions

Florentino Perez was back in the headlines at the weekend following Real Madrid’s General Assembly and it wasn’t because he had his budget approved for the coming season.

The long-time President of Los Blancos used his platform to speak extensively to the club’s members in favour of the Superleague project that Real Madrid remain part of with Juventus and Barcelona. His discourse focused on the global entertainment market, claiming that football was losing the battle for the attention of young people, especially compared to sports in the United States of America.

His solution was to have more games between the top clubs in Europe to provide a “quality product” which according to him, football does not do.

Following those comments, BBC Radio Five Live asked Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp what he thought of those ideas.

“Pffft. No opinion on that. I have nothing to say to that. I think if you want to make football better, we should play less games and give the players more time to train. How’s that? But no opinion on that.”

While Klopp was relatively diplomatic in his answer, it seems clear he does not agree with the suggestion. It seems that the desire for more games between Europe’s top clubs is mainly an owner/President led initiative, which has little public backing from fans or those involved in the sport themselves.


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  1. “It seems that the desire for more games between Europe’s top clubs is mainly an owner/President led initiative”
    When media runs the business you can paint any picture you want. Thats probably why they are corrupted by big business and political lobby, since those who pay for articles know sheep will believe what they read in papers.

    Media also wrote that Iraq had WMDs, how did that go?

    Conclusions are obviously your own to make and I wont prejudicate what conclusion people reading this should reach. But reaching some sort of conclusion is at the bare minimum.

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