Dani Carvajal sends cutting response to Xavi Hernandez about Champions League

The two could never live without each other. Barcelona and Real Madrid simultaneously feed off each other and are damaged by the other’s success. As much as on the pitch, the pair enjoy jousting off it.

With El Clasico less than two weeks away, the games have already begun. In his press conference ahead of their Champions League tie with Inter, Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez explained that for him, it was one of the most injust competitions – the best team does not always win.

That was in reference to Barcelona’s performance at Bayern Munich, which ended in a 2-0 defeat for the Blaugrana. It did not stop Real Madrid right-back Dani Carvajal responding to the comments though. Sport covered his words.

“Football is results. And the one who scores the most goals and concedes the least wins.”

“When you have won five of the last nine Champions Leagues, luck doesn’t really come into it.”

As Carvajal fleshed out his point, he did raise an interesting point.

“I find it funny that the debate of just and unjust only appears when Real Madrid win the Champions League and not when other clubs win it.”

“Opinions are subjective and everyone has their own. It is difficult to speak about what is just and what is not, but in recent years, we have been the best. Between the four or five teams that are favourites for the title, Madrid are always there. I don’t think that when somebody faces us, they do not see a possible future champion.”

It speaks to a wider debate and a subjective one, as Carvajal says, about what constitutes being the better side. For Carvajal, it only comes down to results.

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  1. It was most def fair when Aytekin and Ovrebo gave them wins.
    Pure deservance.

    Otherwise, sour grapes from a hasbeen who barely can spell CL anymore due to 7 years irrelevance in context.

    Congratulations on 1-0 loss tonight.

  2. Of course you say that because the referees always make their decisions in your favor especially in champions league
    If the referees did not favor you you would not have won half of what you won
    And congratulations to osesuna.If it was you playing yesterday tha goal would have been given and the penalty would have been given

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