Javier Tebas sends cutting response to Florentino Perez over La Liga criticism

The battle for power in football is well underway, with big clubs, UEFA and league competitions all competing to increase their share. The campaigning for their own particular beneficial shift, in the case of Real Madrid the Superleague, continued on Sunday.

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez dedicated a significant portion of his hour-long speech at the club’s General Assembly to the Superleague, explaining to members why they must push ahead with the project, which currently has just Barcelona and Juventus linked to it.

He also included a shot at the domestic competition, as referenced by Marca.

“How can La Liga celebrate the sale of their product at the same price as four years ago as a success, when we are in the context of inflation? The loss of members paying subscriptions, it has fallen by 40% and the solution is… Increase the prices. Make it more expensive for those that remain.”

It did not take long for Tebas to respond on his Twitter account.

“He is confusing apples with pears comparing other cultures and other sports. His analysis of data and markets is that of a punter in the pub. FP [Florentino Perez], don’t protect us!”

Before the Assembly had begun, Tebas had already shown his distaste for Perez’s Superleague ambitions on Twitter the previous night.
“History will remember Florentino Perez as one of the best administrators of a club, but being a great club administrator does not mean being a great administrator of competitions. From the a position of ignorance FP throws out proclamations that can ‘kill’ the rest of the clubs, including Real Madrid.”

This is just the latest in a series of clashes between the two, who stand in opposition based on their approaches to the future of Spanish football.

While that opposition is understandable, it is damaging to Spanish football, which is trying to shorten the financial gap to the Premier League, to have the league itself in a battle with the two biggest clubs in that league.


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  1. “Rubiales: Tebas is nervous because his friends who bribed FIFA members no longer control the TV market”

    Browse for that article. You are who you are friends with.

    Im willing to bet Tebas gained some sort of benefit from being a staunch opponent of SL.

    At very least, if he didnt dance to Uefas tune, more uncomfortable facts wouls be brought to daylight and he would be relieved of his duties, only to be repleaced by someone else as Liga president. Noone wants to lose a cozy job with no effort and huge income, just look at that double chin.

    Which applies to any president these days, ever wondered why chronically hopeless people are in charge in practically every Western country nowadays?

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