Real Madrid ruffled by Erling Haaland father comments

Real Madrid ended up signing Aurelien Tchouameni as their major addition this summer, a bet that looks increasingly assured as the Frenchman puts in some impressive performances.

However it would have seemed bizarre to many back in January to see Los Blancos without a major attacking reinforcement. They were heavily linked with both Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe, but neither ended up joining.

Recently, Alfie Inge Haaland, father of Erling, revealed in a documentary that Real Madrid were his son’s third choice this summer, As per the MEN, Haaland and his team formed a ranking of which teams would best suit his son, where Real Madrid scored six out of ten. Part of that score was down to the continued presence of Karim Benzema and the potential addition of Mbappe.

According to Marca, those comments have not gone down well in Madrid. They say that those within the club are sick of using Real Madrid’s name to give themselves more value by association.

There is also the distinct possibility that those within the club simply did not appreciate openly being declared as a third-choice for the Manchester City player.

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    1. If you were successful in life and had a reputation worth preserving, you wouldnt like people to profit off you either.

      Since you (most likely) dont, your post had 0 tangibility but a cheap shot driven by your own envy. Thats not going to change trophy count, Im afraid – we still are most successful club on earth.

      Its by now obvious to everyone that both these players used RM to buff their own contracts.

      1. You clearly didn’t see the interview and understand that the Haalsnds used a rating system for all clubs interested. It was about using Real Madrid’s name at all.

      2. You were most successful when you constantly bought every top player every summer. Plus playing in a league with very little competition financially or in football terms. The quote shows a real paranoia that they are used to boost value? How could they do that on a deal with a release clause! Maybe wages I guess but they were always going to offer as much as he wanted.
        You sound very defensive, it’s amusing! I don’t get how people brag about their club when their success was solely based on money spent. Realistically if fairness was about Madrid would’ve ceased trading by now as they live in so much debt

        1. @3rd
          No, we actually werent successful when we threw around a lot of money.
          If you knew anything about RM you wouldnt say something ridiculous like that. We actuallt werent that successful during buy top players every summer as now I know youre talking about post galactico period and our most successful period im modern time came during years we focused on buying young players.

          Playing in a league that offers little competition?
          Is that why Spanish teams have been dominating EL and CL last 20 years? Because league isnt competitive?
          You seem to be a football illiterate and its quite pointless to debate with you, since you argue with your feefees, and not facts.
          Everyone spends money, youre making it sound like were only team that deals in transfers. But what seems to be bothering you is that your club overspends money and gets nowhere, while Real is 25th on list of clubs with most spending last 10 years, with 5 cls to show for it.

          Maybe about wages you guess? He earns a staggering 375k pounds per week. No, it wasnt about wages at all lul.

          If fairness was an issue, you wouldnt be talking about fairness since Im willing to bet your club is spending bill is twice the Reals. Since this is a Haaland article, a fair guess would be City and in that case you def. should keep your mouth shut.

    2. Uh? I was not talking about your undoubted success over the years. I am old enough to recall your Di Stefano & Puskas era.

      I was talking bout your vile and entitled behaviour. Assuming you can and must have ANY player you want. Those days are gone.

      Got it?

      1. Jeremy

        And once more, there is nothing vile about that behaviour and that assumption youre crediting Real is only in your own head.

        Im still saying that its obvious for anyone to see that Perez is adressing the issue of Mbappe & Haaland using RM as a leverage to become filthy rich and that its nothing wrong with pointing that out as their wages have exploded after the tactic of “RM are after me too, so pay up”. Im replying to you that RM are too big a club to be used like that, and thats where the success part was mentioned. Do you finally understand it now?

  1. You clearly dont understand how business and money works and what “negotiating with leverage” means.

    I saw the interview.

    I surely hope you arent that gullible in life to believe what people say in interviews.

    Did you also believe Bill Clint didnt have intercourse with that woman?

      1. Youre old enough to remember Puskas but Bill Clint’s s.xual affair where he “didnt have s.x with that woman “doesnt ring any bells? It was all over 2000s.
        Bill Clint is former us president. Im not writing his full last name to avoid potential sensitive word filters as youtube has, and I cba to write messages twice.

        1. Oh. I remember Bill Clinton. Never heard of Bill Clint.
          Maybe read some history? Get an education? Better than making a prat of yourself in public, surely?

          1. The irony of “making a prat of yourself” is mindnumbing after just getting an explaination why I distorted his last name…
            People this narrowminded can look through a keyhole with both eyes.

            Scuttle along, litttle troll, your bridge is calling. Im sure this isnt first time you heard this, but talking to you is intellectually debilitating.

  2. the foreign fans are were not happy at all using real Madrid as their tremendous contract.

  3. ” Mc3rd October 2022 at 7:49 pm
    The irony of “making a prat of yourself” is mindnumbing after just getting an explaination why I distorted his last name…
    People this narrowminded can look through a keyhole with both eyes.

    Scuttle along, litttle troll, your bridge is calling. Im sure this isnt first time you heard this, but talking to you is intellectually debilitating”

    Your posts indicate that the state of “intellectually debilitated” is well advanced, bless you. Keep ’em rolling, this is fun. Bill Clint, my word 🙂

    1. Your posts literally scream that teacher in elementary school for “gifted in other things” used to return your tests face down. Guess the world needs social benefit takers too, economists argue that it keeps the inflation down.

      Apparently sticking to topic is hard when you get absolutely picked apart in argumentation (and I understand you), Ill take a bow, since wasting time on pointless people is pointless.

      Have the last word; at least you can win that one.

      1. Sticking to topic … you responded to MY post, MY topic. And now I’M off topic? Uh?

        Jeez. God help you, you truly are beyond help.

  4. its pretty embarrasing to watch you humiliate yourself, i feel a second-hand embarrassment on your behalf

    but hilarious at same time

    reading your posts makes me wonder how bad educational system in your country has failed

    Or maybe its just bad genes

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