Sergio Ramos intervened to cool tension between Kylian Mbappe and Neymar Junior

A dressing like that of Paris Saint-Germain, full of some of the finest footballers in the world commanding the highest salaries in football, is bound to be beset by egos.

Two of the largest have not seen eye-to-eye of late, with Kylian Mbappe and Neymar Junior clashing on multiple occasions early in the season. Most publicly, the two argued about a penalty and in one instance, Neymar cussed out Mbappe for not passing to him with an open goal.

However Diario AS have picked up on a report from L’Equipe which says the two have come to a truce. Seemingly neither wants their differences to get in the way of World Cup preparations.

Apparently, former Real Madrid man Sergio Ramos was key to cooling those tensions. The two were close to squaring up after the penalty incident in training, but a combination of Ramos and Marquinhos intervened before it got out of hand.

Seemingly Ramos has also been advising Neymar on their problems, explaining that it is best just to accept Mbappe as the penalty taker.

No doubt PSG fans will be asking why the two couldn’t put their differences aside for their team, rather than just the World Cup.

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  1. So, why do we want this guy in our team if he cant stay away from starting trouble with his own teammates?
    Our greatest strength is our team chemistry and unity.
    No player is worth ruining that over. No player.

      1. Visit one and ask for a loan for brain transplantation, science has gone far – they transplanted pig heart to a human and I reckon a pig brain would be quite an upgrade.

        When youre done with it, Google top 25 highest spending clubs the last decade, Sky Sports has a nice colorful diagram for you people (from 2022) and Real is not even amongst top ten.

        Our best decade has arguably been our last, with #5in9. Sort of contradicts your laughable comment.

        Hows your club doing? When did you win CL last?
        Im willing to bet we have at least twice CLs as you, whatever team you support. How does that make you feel?

  2. It is possible to expect that as both players were nursing grudges against each other. It may be typical for a club that lacks on-the-pitch leadership.

    1. Indeed.

      Its almost as if players with huge egos are detrimental to team cohesion.

      Ancelotti aint no despot coach, in mould of Mourinho. Don Carlo relies more on his friendly, respectful approach – where he aims to trigger reciprocity from a player. Im afraid Mbappe would chew him up.

      His type of coach isnt the right one to manage Mbappe.

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