Nasser Al-Khelaifi criticises Real Madrid for celebrating Champions League win

The tensions between those clubs involved in The Superleague and those who continued to back UEFA remain high. At the European Club Association, where Paris Saint-Germain CEO Nasser Al-Khelaifi is President, he used his platform to take a shot at Real Madrid.

Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid still remain committed to the Superleague officially, even though no progress towards a competition has been made.

During the most recent meeting of the ECA, Al-Khelaifi had this to say.

“The strange thing is that they celebrate winning the club competition of UEFA.”

“It’s the best club competition in the world. It’s very strange that you go against the already existing and fantastic club competition, but that you participate, celebrate and enjoy winning the title, which seems to me very strange, honestly.”

Mundo Deportivo carried his words. There seems little doubt that Al-Khelaifi is being facetious in order to prove his point that Real Madrid cannot dislike the Champions League that much.

It makes his words sound no less ridiculous though. The idea that Real Madrid should not have enjoyed their tournament win and merely carried on as normal would be absurd.

The reality is that all parties are aware that the format of the competition was only a part of the motivation for The Superleague. The much larger question at hand was and is the division of money between football’s bourgeoisie.

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  1. Its worth remembering whose mouth this comes from, and what kind of man we are dealing with.

    He was a part of SL at first. Then, he had a meeting with Ceferin and suddenly withdrew from project, in exchange for continuing his economical doping and destruction of football (kind of funny when NPCs scream that SL will destroy football, but apparenly pumping in money without being in parity with sport success is a-ok). So to sum it up, he backstabbed the project when he realized there was a personal gain.

    The reason his club will never lift a major trophy is because he has a team of mercenaries who work for money, messi will get paid regardless he miss a penalty and Marquinhos will get paid regardless if he misplaces two passes that turn the tie around.

    There is a reason and a philosophy beind his clubs shameful humiliation in CL. Its the same reason RM came back vs Chelsea and City. And obviously, his failures along Citys and barcelonas are always sweetest to me. That reason is called heart beating for the club.

    Club heart will always beat financial doping. Merengue blood is thicker than oil.

  2. This guy is a foolish dude…all the Super league supporters are asking for is a better deal. And stupid, what do you know about the champions league and how is celebrated since your team has never won one before.

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