Luis Enrique backs RFEF after dispute between players and coach Jorge Vilda

While all is running relatively smoothly for Luis Enrique’s national side, the same cannot be said for his women’s counterpart Jorge Vilda.

On Thursday, it emerged that 15 of Spain’s national side players had sent emails explaining that while Vilda remained coach, they did not want to be considered for the national team.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) then emitted a statement that strongly condemned their actions, announcing that the players in question would not return until they admitted their error and asked for forgiveness.

Since, many of the players have published statements on their social media, which contradicts the information given by the RFEF. They say they had manifested their serious concern about their health and the professionalism of the team, but had not renounced the national team. The statement is clear that while they understand it is not their place to choose what the manager, it is still necessary that their concerns are addressed though.

Speaking to Diario AS ahead of Spain’s men’s fixture with Switzerland, manager Luis Enrique was asked what his thoughts were on the matter.

“It is an abnormal situation which is difficult to manage, but I have no doubt that the RFEF will manage it in the best way possible.”

“I cannot put myself in that situation because it has not happened to me. The only ‘and if’ [y si] that I know is a player, very good for sure, who is at Rayo Vallecano.”

Luis Enrique refers to Isi Palazon as a play on words with the Spanish for ‘and if’, which was part of the question put to him.

There can be little expectation for Luis Enrique to come out against his employer. Even so, it appears that both the public and internal workings of RFEF are siding with the coach, when their loyalty theoretically is also to the players.

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