Bayern Munich 2 – 0 Barcelona: Should Barca worry?

I can say with absolute certainty that the hardest group in the 2022-23 Champions League campaign is Group C.

When you look at it, Barca, Bayern and Inter? With Viktoria Plzen unfortunately propping them up, makes you feel almost sorry for them.

Realistically ANY of the 3 big boys could top this group and whichever 2 DON’T come out on top, will be scrapping for second place.

After the first 2 game weeks, we have Bayern Munich sitting comfortably at the top, 4 goals scored, 0 goals conceded and 6 points. 

But is that all there is to it? Do Bayern run away with this group now?

You’d sort of have to assume so, given they’ve played Inter at the San Siro (0-2) and in the last game week, Barca at home, and yet another 2-0 win.

Meaning their next TWO game weeks are home & away against Plzen.

You can only see them sitting on 4 wins by the time they play Barca next at the Camp Nou in game week 5, but the question here is, should Barca be worrying?