Antoine Griezmann earned less at Barcelona than Atletico Madrid

Following revelations about Gerard Pique and Lionel Messi, Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann is the latest to find himself enveloped in El Mundo’s ‘Barcaleaks’.

Previously the details of Gerard Pique’s contract were leaked, as were disciplinary issues involving the veteran central defender. There were also demands during Lionel Messi’s 2020 contract negotiation with the club leaked.

The information on Griezmann, provided by Marca, is somewhat surprising though – the French forward earned more at Atletico Madrid than at Barcelona during his two years there.

Griezmann’s gross salary over five years consisted of €98m guaranteed salary and a further €79m in variables, adding up to €177.7m in total.

However based on the variables he achieved, Griezmann earned €46m during his two seasons, while at Atletico Madrid in the previous two campaigns he earned €40m in net salary. With the tax rate at 47% for the highest earners in Spain, it works as €24.38m at Barcelona, significantly less.

While this is still a very high salary, perhaps Griezmann was not the financial weight many held him as.

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