Spanish national side plunged into crisis as players mutiny against coach

La Roja are in crisis. The women’s Spanish national side are currently in the middle of stand-off between the players and their coach.

According to Relevo, on Monday the majority of the Spain squad asked manager Jorge Vilda to leave his position as they do not have confidence in his abilities any more. This decision and this petition was not a unanimous act however.

Vilda is standing strong in his position. He refused to accede to their wishes and is now holding individual consultations with each member of the squad.

The Spanish federation meanwhile are standing by their coach, who has a further two years left on his contract.

Supposedly the discontent within the camp includes members of some of the youth teams, who together with the senior side feel that there is too little competition for places and that training is not up to scratch.

While giving into player power is a risky option, standing by Vilda could be even more damaging. Persuading the squad to fight for him and follow his orders going forward seems a tricky task for Vilda. If the players have seen fit to take matters this far, it would suggest the disconnect is considerable.

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