Joan Laporta bullish on player registration at Robert Lewandowski’s presentation

Barcelona may have to deal with another situation like that of last year, when they were forced to ask their playing staff to reduce or defer their wages in order register new signings. Yet Barcelona’s President Joan Laporta is adamant that it won’t be the case this time round.

It had been reported that a difference over capital gains might mean Barcelona were once again in trouble with registering players. This week Barcelona also met with the agents of Sergio Busquets and Gerard Pique, supposedly to discuss another reduction in salary.

Yet speaking during Robert Lewandowski’s presentation as a Barcelona player, Laporta made two things clear; La Liga had not taken a decision on the matter and they had met all of the requirements.

“We have done our job well and we think that we meet all the requirements. All of the documentation has already been sent and we are waiting for a response from La Liga.”

“There could be some disparity, but as we understand that there will be no problems to because we have met everything [all of the requirements] and they will be able to register the footballers. If that isn’t the case, we are prepared to apply a fourth [economic] lever and we will do so.”

The admittance that they are ready to sell off further assets in case La Liga do not agree with their accountants is a sign that there is at least some doubt in their minds.

Laporta continued without being asked a question, highlighting the impact of the three previous ‘economic levers’.

“In the last two months we have done deals for which we have raised €860m. We finished the financial year with a profit, we have cleaned up and the balance is in the positive.”

“We have taken decisions responsibly and we meet the requisites, so that work that we have done will allow us to have a great squad.”

Only time will tell whether Laporta is right. Fortunately it won’t be a long wait to find out as Barcelona’s season kicks off in eight days time.

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