La Liga decision means Barcelona may struggle to register players

Barcelona have remained confident throughout the summer that they will be able to register all of their star signings, having struggled to do so last year. However that might be about to change.

The cause is a difference in interpretation of accounts. Following the sale of several assets, Barcelona had included in their calculations of €667m in income. However the actual amount of cash that Barcelona have actually received is currently at €517m – the difference of €150m is attributed to capital gains, which denotes the amount of profit made on an asset.

According to Cadena Cope, as per Sport, La Liga are not including the capital gains in their calculations and this leaves Barcelona €150m short of where they thought they were. It also potentially endangers their ability to register their new signings.

It is not yet clear exactly how far off Barcelona are in terms of registering their new signings, but on Wednesday evening news broke that the club had met with the agents of Gerard Pique and Sergio Busquets to discuss a potential salary reduction. There is also a good chance that Barcelona sell a further 24.5% of Barca Studios in order to bring in a further €100m to the club.

Certainly the situation looks a lot messier than President Joan Laporta would have liked. If Barcelona do struggle to register players it would break the spell of optimism that has enveloped the club in recent weeks.

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